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Funny: Sword Art Online
  • In episode 1 of the anime/Volume 1 of the Light Novel, Klein was groin attacked twice. The first was from a Frenzy Boar and the second for Kirito from asking info of Kirito's sister.
    • In the same episode, after the players real looks are exposed on their avatars, a beautiful couple that we saw earlier are actually revealed to be two older guys. Their reaction is priceless:
    "Pretty Guy": "You're a guy?"
    "Pretty Girl": "You were lying about being seventeen?"
  • In Episode 4, Kirito knocks on Silica's bedroom door, and she nearly answers the door while in her underwear.
  • Kirito's Crash into Hello situation with Asuna in Volume 1. He experimentally grasps something soft, tries to figure out what it is, realises that he's groping Asuna... and he can't remember any of the placating statements he prepared for a situation like this.
  • After Kirito and Asuna meet for the first time, she borrows the bath in his rented room. Kirito's reaction to the idea of Asuna in the bath:
    I didn't know averting my eyes from that door required such a high will saving throw.
    • When Argo knocks on his door, Kirito knows this is going to end badly. His first instinct is to flee.
  • "Warmth of the Heart" (Episode 7/Light Novel 2): The way Kirito says he thinks they should escape the giant hole by running up the wall signals a hilarious Epic Fail is on the way.
    • What really sells it is how utterly blasé Kirito is when Lisbeth understandably objects:
    Lisbeth: You're insane.
    Kirito: Maybe. *cue Epic Fail*
  • Kirito getting surrounded by two beautiful women and making him uncomfortable is funny in itself, until you look closely at Kirito's left-breast pocket.
    • Related: Sakuya and Alicia vamping it up in the English dub of the anime.
    Sakuya: Well, if you were any closer to him, he'd be wearing you.
  • At the conclusion of Caliber, after Shino suceeds in retrieving Excalibur for Kirito, she turns to him, presents the sword with a big smile, and says, "Please think of me every time you draw this sword." Kirito can feel the Death Glares from his harem.
    • The cause of that was because of one sentence, "Thanks for the Tsukkomi.".
    • In regards to Kirito's hairstyle in Caliber side story :
    A little fairy flew from Asuna's shoulder—she was a Navigation Pixie named Yui, landed on my head and sat down. My Avatar, the Spriggan «Kirito», had long pointed hair, at Yui's request now I have my old hairstyle. The reason was it was «hard to sit on».
  • The first time Klein and Asuna meet, he immediately regresses from being a confident swordsman and leader into a nervous wreck. And then is annoyed that Kirito is in a party and practically on a date with Asuna.
    • And then he asks Asuna to treat Kirito well, even though he's not very good with words, isn't very fun and battle-obsessed. The reactions are what cross the line. Asuna's declaration: "Please leave him to me!" Kirito's response is to run away.
  • In Volume 7, a while after Kirito arrives to Hold the Line against an entire guild so Asuna and the Sleeping Knights can take on the floor's boss, Klein also shows up behind said guild to assist Kirito. Then we have this hilarious exchange between Klein and Kirito, shouting at each other from across the room.
    Klein: "SORRY, I GOT LOST!!"
  • Kirito's reaction to people crowding over the duel between him and Heathcliff in the novel :
    "...Let's run away Asuna. We can go live in some small village on the 20th floor and plow fields."
    • Possibly more amusing than just funny, but it's great for Kirito that his title changed from "The Black Swordsman" to "The Dual Wielding Demon" shortly before he was forced to join Asuna's guild (because her guild leader thought he was stealing her from them and was against it) and don a white outfit.
  • After Kirito loses to his sister in a sparring, he tries to sheathe the bamboo sword the same way he sheathed his swords in the game. Suguha's comment about whether he "hit his head" makes it even funnier as she was the one to smack it a few moments earlier (with a shout of "Men").
  • In Episode 16, Kirito learns that (most of) his SAO skills carried over to Alfheim Online. When he learns that he needs to delete all the incompatible items that also got carried over so he doesn't get attention from the Game Master, he struggles to press Delete. Think about it for a second. Kirito is forced to erase all his hard-earned loot, something dedicated players of other games wouldn't even dare to do that easily.
  • Used equipment salesman Kirito.
  • Kirito's failed attempts at flying during his first log-in in ALO especcialy this:
    Leafa: "Kirito do you know how to land?"
    Kirito: "I don't" (Cue Loud Crash Offscreen)
  • In a side story A Murder Case in the Area, Kirito and Asuna invite Heathcliff over for a meal to ask some question. Problem aside, the noodle they tasted are so bad that Heathcliff or rather, Akihiko Kayaba, THE CREATOR OF SAO OF ALL PEOPLE even wonder why the shop exist!
  • For fans who don't regard it as Squick, Chapter 16.5 (in which Kirito and Asuna have sex) is rather hilarious... for all the wrong reasons. It's very badly written in comparison to the rest of the story - Kirito's narration is consistently ridiculous (with phrases like "two years of semen" and "glopping sound" being thrown around) to the point that it seems like a Self-Parody, Asuna climaxes an impossible number of times, female genitals apparently look extremely silly (like white foam) in the SAO world... You either pretend it didn't happen or accept that it did and laugh the whole way through.
    • Or you can imagine it as the sex scene from the first Scary Movie.
    • Two years of semen (assuming the system saves the data on it as specific units, unlike the inconsistent patterns of real humans) = roughly a gallon. Try that mental picture on for size and try not to fall out of your seat giggling like an idiot.
  • After Kirito straight-up destroys a Salamander raid team aimed at his head with the Beast Form spell, Leafa has a moment of Fridge Horror when she realized Kirito basically ate some of them. Cue Kirito teasingly chomping down on her hand, and getting smacked for it.
  • There is but one ultimate way. Who wouldn't be shocked by that.
  • Sword Art ''Offline'', sanctioned by the author himself, is presented in a news-variety show format. Character traits subtly implied (ie. Asuna's clinginess, Kirito's obliviousness, Heathcliff's epic trolling) in the series are cranked Up to Eleven.
  • The manga omakes. Most — if not all — of them.
  • In a rather ironic aversion of the anime commentary in Yui's episode, the manga omakes reveal that (in that continuity) Yui was observing Asuna and Kirito's behavior from the start. Everything. Possibly including, yes, friggin 16.5. To quote:
  • Asuna said that marriage is pragmatic in SAO. Kirito thought she said plastic.
  • During the last day of their honeymoon, Kirito and Asuna agree to help an old player with a rare fishing based monster spawn. While Kirito is reeling in, everyone else flees a couple hundred yards when they realize how massive it is. When Kirito looks up to see the hulking monster climbing onto land, he takes off like a bullet, cowering behind Asuna and complaining about how his wife ran away and left him to die.
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