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Funny: Shark Tale
  • Bernie (or maybe it was Ernie) finally getting the whale wash's slogan right while answering the phone, just as he spots Lino chasing Oscar.
    "Whale Wash: You get a whale of a wash, and the price - ''OH MY GOSH!''"
    • Earlier:
    Sykes: For the last time, its "Whale Wash: You get a whale of a wash, and the price - Oh my gosh"!
    (phone rings)
    Bernie (or Ernie): Whale Wash...
    Ernie (or Bernie): (grabs the phone) Rhymes with "gosh".
    (Bernie and Ernie laugh. Sykes get steamed)
    Sykes: That's it! Go be useless somewhere else!
    (Bernie and Ernie swim away)
  • When Ernie pretends that Bernie has stung him with his tentacles. Bernie goes frantic, and then they laugh it off.
    • Interesting because yes, Jellyfish can't sting themselves, or other Jellies of the same (and similar) species.
  • Sykes explaining the "food chain" to Oscar.
  • During Oscar and Lenny's "fight", when Lenny accidentally eats Oscar we get this little exchange:
    Oscar : "Don't Swallow."
    Lenny: "Oscar?"
    Oscar : "No, it's Pinocchio. OF COURSE IT'S ME!! Why did you do that?!"
    Lenny: "I'm sorry."
    Oscar : "No no, sorry is when you step on someone's fin in the movie theater. Yeah that's sorry. Sorry is when you say, "Hey, when's the baby due?" Then it just turns out the persons just fat! This is as far away from sorry as you can possibly get!!"
  • Oscar trying to remember the inspiring words Angie told him, only for his imagination to twist it around to suit his greed.
    Angie: Dreams start out small, but you just gotta bet it all. BET IT ALL!
  • "Wait, come back! I'm not a nobody, I'm a wiener!"
  • The octopus laughing with Oscar, his boss and Lenny.
    Don Lino: (hits him) What's so funny?

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