Awesome / Shark Tale

  • A fairly meta example; the fact that Lenny's father is clearly supposed to be the bad guy in not accepting his son wanting to be a 'dolphin'. Metaphors for GLBTs don't occur in kid movies very often, if ever.
    • Technically, the problem between Lenny and his dad was that the former was a vegetarian, which leads to a good bit of fridge logic concerning how Lenny hasn't starved to death.
  • The Shrimp who Lino tried to get Lenny to eat getting his revenge on the shark. It crosses as an both a Awesome moment and a Crowning Moment of Funny.
    (As Oscar swims out of a Porthole Lino gets stuck in it while chasing him)
    Lino: You're gonna regret the day you became the Sharkslayer!
    Shrimp [appears from the next porthole]: Well, well, well! Look who's stuck in the porthole!
    Lino: Huh?
    Shrimp: You still hungry, big guy?! Well, Say hello to my 'little friends!!''
    (as the Shrimp hums "Charge", a swarm of other shrimp appear and swarm onto Lino's face and attack him)
    Lino: AAH!!!!
  • The whole climax of Oscar subduing Lino at the whale wash. Culminating in trapping him into the machinery.
    • Then when Oscar sees a disappointed Angie about to leave, and the crowd chanting "Sharkslayer''. He can't take it anymore and he finally admits the truth
    Oscar: STOP! I AM NOT A REAL SHARKSLAYER!!! (crowd gasps; Angie turns back at hearing Oscar's confession hardly believing her ears) I lied.