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Trivia: Shark Tale
  • Actor Allusion
    • When Oscar shouts "You had me at hello!" on TV, Angie is seen grinning. Renee Zellweger, who voiced Angie, stars in Jerry Maguire where the quote is said by her character in the movie.
    • Also, lines such as De Niro's character Don Lino saying, "I heard things" plus a conversation between the De Niro character and the Scorsese character (Sykes) spoof their infamous repeat the same lines back at one another.
    • The crowd even shouts "Oscar Bumaye!" the same where a crowd shouts "Ali Bumaye!" to Muhammad Ali (Will Smith plays Ali in his 2001 Bio Pic)
    • Oscar's "Pants" are big like Will Smiths clothes were before in his older works.
    • The Old Shark played by Peter Falk mentions his wife at one point.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: Dreamworks really went above and beyond for this one. In addition to casting just about the biggest name actors they could, they even went after non-acting celebrities like Martin Scorsese and Katie Couric.
  • Dueling Movies: Finding Nemo
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Good GOD where do we start?!
  • What Could Have Been: Ernie and Bernie were originally henchmen to an electric eel, who was the loan shark that demanded the 5,000 clams. They likely gave that part to Oscar's boss to reduce the number of characters.

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