Funny / Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Being supervised by the creators of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Dead Leaves, and also being a sickeningly raunchy Widget Series that is like the love child of The Powerpuff Girls and South Park, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt easily gets an A+ in the department of hilarity.
  • One of the most notable ones is when an EXCEPTIONALLY large Stocking does her transformation sequence, in Episode 4.
  • From Episode 7: "Oh, shit."
  • Trans-homers:
    • The quite literal screwing.
    • The heroines forgetting their In the Name of the Moon speech, instead opting for screaming.
    • Gothitron Stocking needing to pee so Rotten-Ass Panty stays in the bathroom only for her to get aimed at the Stockingcons.
    Panty: Wait! Something's up. She didn't call me a whore. (peeks out of the bathroom only for lasers to aim at her face)
    Stocking: Ha! You're not just a whore, you're a stupid whore!
    Panty: You and your lame-ass fucking dick moves, I should've seen that coming!
    Narrator: The Stockingcons escape trouble by donning diapers.
    Stocking: When it comes to war, anything goes. (pulls out a megaphone) KILL THE BITCH!!! (Earth-Shattering Kaboom)
  • In "...Of The Dead," when Panty and Stocking beat the hell out of a zombie cat with a pair of brightly colored dildos, they say this little gem:
    Panty: Fuck! Son of a bitch!
    Stocking: You motherfucker!
    Panty: Oh yeah, you fatherfucker!
    • "Oh yeah you so fuckin' crazy!"
  • General Scottie. Also, "Men, we have reached the Bush! Urk!"
  • "The Diet Syndrome". Just... "The Diet Syndrome".
    Panty: Uh oh~! Peekaboo! I saw it. There it is...there it is again. Hello! Still there. Fatty! Fatass! One more hip! Fattyfattyfattyfattyfatty...
    Stocking: Ohhhhhhh-hohohohohoho~! Chuuuuuuuck, come heeeeeeere~! [takes Chuck to the elevator while twirling to beat the shit out of him] SPIT IT OUT RIGHT THERE OR I'LL GAG YOU WITH A TOOTHBRUSH AND EAT THE CHUNKS LEFT OVER FROM EVERY DONUT HOLE YOU'VE STOLEN FROM ME IN THE PAST 48 HOURS! [Chuck pukes] TRY AGAIN!
    • Panty making good on her promise to laugh if Stocking got fat from all the cake she was eating.
  • Every time Chuck gets his ass beaten.
  • Garterbelt being killed by Corset (and later by Stocking) in Episode 13, complete with the traditional model-exploding clip
    • ...only to un-explode thanks to God, due to his mission being incomplete.
  • At Episode 13's climax, the girls manage to put together some huge ultra weapon, do an extended Transformation Sequence as Corset is Oh Crapping in the background, and fire it... only to shoot a laser beam into Heaven. They were holding it backwards.
  • Brief's reaction to Garterbelt coming back to life: he screams/gasps in a manner that sound more like a goofy laugh, which really sounds nothing like how he normally sounds.
  • The end of Episode 13. Stocking kills Panty and Garterbelt (who unexplodes again), and walks away with Corset. Cue Garterbelt, Brief, Chuck and the Demon Sisters staring blankly for a good five seconds, with appropriately hilarious facial expressions.
    • Which goes to show, Gainax might be the only studio to troll their own characters.
  • The death of Sam, simply because of how ridiculously over-the-top it is.
  • From "1 Angry Ghost":
    Tom Cruise Croos: UNBERIVABOH!!!
  • Panty beginning to do her transformation sequence, only to be interrupted for "making a mockery of this sacred courtroom". Panty simply asks "If it's so sacred than why is there a strip pole?"
  • The "Bitch Flash" part of the Sanitary Box special thing. Words cannot describe.
  • For all the flack it gets from purists/weeaboos, the dub version is actually pretty funny when you actually give it a chance. Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial make both Panty and Stocking sound hilarious, and still fairly true to their original characterization.
  • As good as the English dub is, there's one thing from the original Japanese it can never recreate: the Gratuitous English cursing with heavy accents. It adds a level of hilarity impossible to get otherwise. Exhibit A
  • Panty's reaction to Scanty and Kneesocks' Transformation Sequence.
  • In Episode 2-B, "Sex and the Daten City", Panty and Stocking are searching for copies of Panty's porn flick to destroy them. Where are some of said copies? In the mouth of a camel in Egypt, in Antarctica and on a space station (the last for educational purposes).
  • The History of the Earth, according to Garterbelt. While the animated sequence is funny, Garterbelt being in for several famous paintings and photographs is the best part, especially because he was an African-American Ku Klux Klan member.
  • A meta example: At Shutocon 2014 in Lansing, MI, Jamie Marchi, Monica Rial, and Ian Sinclair conducted an 18+ Q&A panel whilst in-character.
    • 1.) This meant that Ian answered a lot of dirty questions with Chuck's signature Poke-Speak and suggestive hand gestures.
    • 2.) Then, somehow, the panel dissolved into Panty and Stocking discussing their cakesitting/cakefarting preferences. (Italian icing for the seal, asparagus cake as not to waste a cake that tastes good).
    • 3.) Ian Sinclair didn't know what it was and had to Google it on his phone. He promptly declared "Chuck-chuck CHUCK?!" and stormed out of the room!
    • 4.) He struck a pedestrian when he kicked open the door.
  • There are also plenty of examples from the different manga adaptations:
    • The first Manga Strip finishes with an INSANE climax, involving the girls on an airplane that's going crash down and steering it to safety. They safely land it on the helipad on top of Mayor Corset's office, but not before we see his reaction.
    • In the third Manga Strip, Brief mistakenly believes that a ghost is at the school prom. After trying to warn everyone however, Scanty suddenly appears, claiming that there is a ghost hiding in the prom after all... only she's wrong. Kneesocks reminds her that they were just there for fun and didn't bring a ghost, humiliating Scanty and sending her into a panic, causing her to claim there is a "Phantom Ghost" there.
  • After Loser Ghost escapes the angels down the toilet in the dub.
    Panty: Ew! That was gross.
    Stocking: You asked for it it. Having fun yet?
    Panty: Fuck that! I'm not sticking my fist in there!
    Panty: Well played, hooker. (Loser Ghost splashes them with toilet water)
    Loser Ghost: By the way, bitches, I'm a girl!
    Panty and Stocking: OH NO, YOU DI'NT!
  • Garterbelt scolds the angels for spending three million dollars on stuff so Panty tells him to crawl back up inside his vagina for complaining only for Garter to tell Panty to crawl into his vagina
  • Stocking freaking out about her missing pudding and accuses Panty of eating it. Her response:
    Panty: Aah.
    Stocking: Don't "Aah" me! It was either you or Chuck!