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Quotes: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
"GOD! MY! OH!"
Garterbelt, after being resurrected

"What are you sayin'?! You mean you failed?! You actin' like you don't even give a shit!"
Garterbelt chastising the Anarchy sisters after failing their mission

"What the fuck! Put it back on! Seriously, he was about to hogtie me. You don't want to miss it."
Panty, after her sex tape got shut off

"It's not okay! Dammit! How in every religious holy deity did this happen?! Am I being punished for eating sweet shit?!"
Stocking after gaining weight (due to a Ghost's power) despite exercising excessively

"Rules keep behavior in check, suppression keeps thoughts in check, and physical training keeps them from looking like fat enchiladas! These things bring about perfection and beauty!"
Kneesocks, while lecturing the Anarchy sisters about rules

"How dare you, you rancorous whore!"
Scanty, disgusted by Panty's blatant disregard for Brief's safety

"Break, O Earth; Dry up, O sea; Burn out, O sun; Grant us power Earthly leaders and gate keepers of Hell. Guide us, makers of the underworld! We are high-class Demon Commanders!"
Scanty and Kneesocks

"Are you starting to get it? Freedom of choice is just a fantasy whether you're an angel or a normal ho-bag. Reality's tough! Wear a cup, bitch."
Corset lecturing Panty on the futility of freedom

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