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Funny: Northernlion
  • His Machinima show Poison Mushroom is one of the funniest things to ever grace the channel. Particularly hilarious is the episode on the Family Feud adaption. The game, with its off the wall answers to questions, gives Northernlion lots of fuel for humor.
    Benjamin Franklin was never the president! I'm Canadian and even I know that!
    • Another great episode was the Street Cleaning Simulator.
      If this were a real simulation, as soon as you drove up to the pump, you would just shout "I'M NOT PAYING THAT!"
  • His Grey's Anatomy let's play, with his constantly poking fun at the characters' constant pursuit of sex.
    Derek: Hey, want to meet me in the call room after surgery?
    Northernlion: AKA Derek's sex dungeon.
  • While invading other players in Dark Souls, he eventually finds a player waiting in the corner of a room and...
  • Northernlion plays The Political Machine 2012 and creates the greatest candidate known to man.
    • Northernlion tends to make some over the top avatars for this game, so when he decides to play it with a friend, it's a given that there no way the other guy's avatar could even compet—OMG what is that THING!?
  • The Worst Daily Challenge Ever, the tale of a Spelunky run Gone Horribly Wrong. It's worse because Northernlion was actually doing pretty well to start off.
  • Northernlion's face-off against fellow Binding of Isaac letsplayer Bisnap. They mod the game so they both have all the same floor layouts, so they're playing on a (somewhat) level playing field. Hilariously, they both get crazy-broken item combinations (NL: Brimstone, Polyphemus; BN: Thin Mushroom, Sacred Heart) and proceed to wreck the game in different ways.
  • From another face-off with Bisnap, this time in Rogue Legacy:
    Bisnap: (selecting his character) A gay giant, I'll do it.
    Northernlion: That sounds like Jack Black deciding what movies to take.
  • A recent live stream starts out fairly normally, with NL and the gang playing Family Feud, albeit with a special guest Wow Crendor. This provides some laughs as Crendor had never seen the game before and all of its problems. However, then they play Spelunky, and things quickly start to go off the rails. Creepy glitches start to pop up in the game, with NL explaining that he fell asleep on a plane and woke up not knowing if he was still on the ground or 35,000 feet in the air, seriously creeping him out. As the stream goes on, his chat starts to spam him with creepy messages like "NL, you're still on the plane" and "return the slab", causing him to seriously question whether or not he's dreaming. It must be seen to be believed.
  • Some of Northernlion reactions playing 1001 Spikes (a Nintendo Hard platformer) are funny too. "Huuuuaa! How could you... You betrayed me!"
  • As he was trying the Isaac Community Remix, he comes to realize that one of the character in a secret room has his face, leading to some funny comments.
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