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Awesome: Northernlion
  • In his Let's Play of The Binding of Isaac, Northernlion has come across several overpowered runs. This one takes the cake. It is so overpowered that he refused to take Mom's Knife or Brimstone as it would have actually weakened him! It has to be seen to be believed.
    • How OP was it? Thin Mushroom (rapid-fire) + Spoon Bender (homing tears) + Mom's Contact (freezing shots) + Parasite (tears split into two when they hit an enemy). What happens is that the enemy is under a constant three-way barrage of tears: One stream coming from Isaac himself, the other two streams splitting off because of Parasite, and then looping back onto the enemy (because of Spoon Bender). And since the freezing effect of Mom's Contact is chance-to-happen-per-shot, the rapid fire makes the freezing effect pretty much infinite.
    • The very fact that he made so many videos of The Binding of Isaac is one. Further proof: he finished a Wrath Of The Lamb playthrough on his second try.
  • Nevermind how previous runs might have been overpowered, this one put them to shame as he managed to clear The Chest for the first time and with ease. He comments on it during the run.
  • He got the Mama's Boy achievement without even realizing it until it popped. He actually got hit during Womb 1—however, he finds a Forget-Me-Now in the deal with the devil room, and for the hell of it, takes it and redoes the Womb 1. He proceeds to not get hit for the Womb 1 and 2, resulting in the achievement.
  • One day Northernlion found a D20. Awesomeness ensued.
  • Northernlion states at the beginning of a video that he is currently a bit sick. He ends up not taking any damage against Blue Baby.
  • This incredible challenge run. He manages to beat Mom with nothing but a crystal ball and pretty fly, then from then on a Epic Fetus and a Mr. Mega (which, unknown to him, didn't do anything.)
  • In his early Hearthstone carrier, Northernlion get this awesome starting hand which allow him to get from the start a 2 mana advantage on his opponent.
  • At some time, Northernlion was trying to unlock a new ship on FTL: Faster Than Light by getting either The United Federation or the Tough Little Ship achievement. What happened instead is that he got his first normal mode win with a beam spamming cloaking ship with a eight men crew that didn't suffered any casualty despite being screwn over by hacking and mind control.
  • Beating the desert level of Gods Will be Watching on his second try, albeit by a ridiculous stroke of luck.
  • On Episode 20 of his playthrough of the XCOM: Enemy Unknown mod, Long War, he fights his first Terror mission, accepting the fact that his entire team will likely die right out of the gate. Sure enough after the first turn, four Chryssalids charge up to his team, four Floaters come in from the other side, and three more show up to attack him from the front leaving his entire team flanked by at least one enemy. Not only does he not lose his entire team, he doesn't lose a single soldier (though one was critically wounded) and he manages to save 14 out of the 18 civilians.
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