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Quotes: Northernlion
Look! We fucking killed her! We just threw our sais right into her kidneys! Maybe she should have worn some armor if she was gonna get into a fight instead of this, like, awful bikini!
— Playing Ninja Priestess, during Sexy Xbox Live Indie Games, "Ninjas, Nakeishas, and Hot Dogs! (Ep. 2)"

I am always worried when I go up against someone who has a name that's like, a really fantasy-styled name and I am like "Ahh, I am getting my ass kicked, this guy has propably, studied the arcane arts of Hearthstone."

So if I gain two mana crystals this turn only, that will take me to three mana for this turn, and then I'm gonna play the coin and that's gonna take me to four mana, and then, just to subsidise this, I am gonna play my two Wild Growth cards (I still have one in my inventory) and this will allow me on my next turn to be at four mana already, which is stupid and awesome and I love it.
— How said match of Hearthstone actually starts.

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