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Funny: NintendoCapriSun
  • A few can be found here.
  • Mother 3, at the very end, with the appearance of the Ultimate Chimera:
  • From one episode of his Super Mario Bros. 2 LP:
    I wish I could throw up... (beat) No, I don't mean I wish I could throw up, I mean I wish I could throw things up, not barf... (snicker) "I wish I could throw up..." if only I could constipate!
  • Getting all 100 purple coins in one of the hardest missions in Super Mario Galaxy 2, only to die the moment the star appears (around 13:15).
    • Episode 66 has this moment. After he fails at grabbing the last Green Star, he ends up seemingly falling to his death, only to grab the previous Green Star on the way down. The last 2 minutes of his commentary set it in stone.
  • "You didn't just knock me in the pit." (repeat over a dozen times)
  • Usually one sprouts up whenever he voices Ganondorf in Wind Waker, throwing in his own little quips with the usual dialog. The occasional special effect echoes help matters along.
    • "What the fuck is this!?"
    • "Gods! Hear that which I desire! I WANT MORE TWINKIES! Twinkies! Lots of Twinkies and Ho Hos! And some Ding Dongs, yo! And some sunrise, that would be nice, too."
  • During his impromptu playing of Super Mario Kart, NCS manages to finish dead last twice on the same track. While attempting the course for a third time, he remembers a shortcut he offhandedly mentioned earlier in the video, grabs a feather on the final lap, and figures he doesn't have much to lose:
    (beat) No, no, no, no, no.!
  • After he finally gets the Jiggy on the high diving board in Witchyworld in Banjo Tooie...
    Now you can just jump into the water here.
  • From the early visit to Ikana Valley in Majora's Mask: "If you see my brodah, please inform him... the war is ovah."
  • The inevitable Fight with the Great Mighty Poo.
    • From when the fight actually starts:
    Great Mighty Poo: How about some scat, you little twat?
    NCS: What!? Oh nonononono, don't do it now! I already got enough shit being thrown at me— waitwaitwait, B Pad! *activates*
    *Conker pulls out a giant roll of toilet paper*
    • To the end:
    NCS: WHAT WHAT, WE'RE NOT DONE YET!? OH JEEZ LOUISE, MAN! WHAT THE HELL!? ...wait a minute, though! Was that— was that what I think it was? Do I actually get to flush him down? After all that, I get to flush it? Ohh, wouldn't that be amazing, please tell me they did that! Y'know, IN THE BATHROOM! They had to have done that! There is no way they wouldn't make that the way that you finally finish him off! It has to be!
    *Conker pulls the flusher*
    Great Mighty Poo: Ah, you cursed squirrel! *flushing sound*
    NCS: YES! GET SOME MORE TOILET PAPER! *spends the entire last minute of the video uncontrollably laughing his ass off*
  • The fact that he has an In The Bathroom meter in the Conker LP. Occasionally, fans will leave comments saying "Ding!" (the meter noise) or just mention the meter whenever he says "In the bathroom!" in other LPs.
  • Part 1 of his Donkey Kong 64 LP treats us to this rather interesting Freudian Slip:
    Tim: "Luckily for you, old Cranky's bitch of home— BATCH of homemade potions will give you all the skills you need for your silly 3-D quest.
  • Anytime he pulls off the infamous Green Rupee Scream.
  • In his Plants VS Zombies LP, he said how every composer's dream is to put lyrics about taking a crap to beautiful music. He then sung a song about sitting on the can to Beethoven's Fifth. And it is awesome.
  • Episode 9: The All-Singing Episode.
  • After accidentally losing the save state he used for Final Fantasy IV, NCS decided to get back to where he was by playing the entire game on fast-forward. He made it to the desert when he buggered up the menu level grinding, and died again... and because he had yet to save, he had to start over yet again.
  • When he gave Edge the Fairy Claw in Final Fantasy IV, he started to cry "THIS IS MY RAPE FACE! AHAHAHAHAHA! I'M DOING IT RIGHT NOW! THIS IS MY RAPE FACE!" and proceed to do the Evil Laugh to end all Evil Laughs.
  • Doubling as a Crowning Music of Awesome, right after Tim beats a rather hard Minecart level, he bursts into a scarily good rendition of The Beach Boys.
  • The entire clusterfuck that was Castlevania I Part 3, he gets one second of being unlucky (accidentally replacing his Holy water with a knife) and it went downhill from there.
  • Following this NCS runs afoul of even more bad luck during this episode of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. Note the incredibly non-sequiter rant in both videos as he gets frustrated.
  • His song at the beginning of his Majora's Mask LP is pretty funny. Quite a few of the video's comments even comment on the song rather than the rest of the video!
  • Someone made a montage of all his fails and wins in Super Mario Galaxy 2. During the fail part, at 1:13, this happens:
    NCS: *watches the life counter go from 1 to 0* ...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
  • In episode 1 of Skyward Sword, his character is asked if he was going to get some last-minute bird training in:
  • In Skyward Sword 6, he doesn't know what kind of voice to give the mysterious person in the temple, so he just gives them all of them at once.
  • While looking around for the Kikwis in Skyward Sword, NCS is completely oblivious to the crow flying around Link... Then he realises it's actually taken a crap on Link's head.
  • Most of his LMAOnote  Mario Party 2 videos are hilarious— particularly the second board, where he semi-consistently refers to the NPC Mario and DK as ProtonJon and Chuggaaconroy. A lot of what happens there doubles as Hilarious in Hindsight for The Runaway Guys' play through of MP2.
    • NCS dissolves into making Call Backs or shouting Catch Phrases on behalf of his missing companions. Highlights are:
      • " And I'm in last place. Feels like home. Just kidding..."
      • "Have a bomb, Chugga! Look at Proton and Chugga passing it back and forth! This really is Proton and Chugga..."
      • His commentary while on a team with NPC DK/Prugga, and beating the others
    • " Chugga's got a mushroom. No further comment there."
    • "Hey Chugga, don't eat the mu—" [dissolves into laughter]
    • Him taking over for Jon when NPC Mario/Choton gets screwed over.
    NCS: What? Are you serious? GAAAAAAAME!
    NCS: Ooooooh, I can hear Proton now! 'GAAAAAAME!'
    • He even starts punning during Crane Game!
    NCS: What's he doing? Oh, he's going for the time. Take your time, Wario! Take. Your. Time!
    • "We can still make this! [Beat] We could have something big here! [Starts laughing]"
    • " Yoshi! So happy! Here we go! [Rolls a 1] That's fine. I'll take that. You know what? I'll take it."
    • "I can't even refer to this guys as Chugga and Proton, because they're too stupid to be Pru— [Beat] Prugga and Choton."
    NCS: Bitch fish! This isn't Battletoads!
    • NCS and Wario getting knocked back to the start in Western Land by the train. NCS immediately mimics 'D'oh, I missed!' and, as Wario's using his warp block, quips:
    NCS: Watch him warp with me. [This happens] Dude!
    NCS: Just let him hit your butt! Let him hit your butt! There you go, there you go! Hit my butt! Hit my butt! Hit my butt! My butt! [Beat] My buuuuuuuutt~!
  • During the first episode of NCS's LP of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, he and a guest-star spend several minutes looking for a secret pipe to a hidden bonus area. Cue NCS just casually standing on the pipe they were looking for without realizing it.
    • Mario holding onto a Bob-omb promting this response-
    Chibi: (While Mario holds said Bob-omb) No, we can't keep it!
    Tim: (Chuckles)

    • Them trying and failing several times to defeat some Ice Bros in a bonus mini-game.

  • In one episode of the Skyward Sword LPnote  NCS sings the Ballad of the Goddess's lyrics... and belatedly realizes that he wasn't singing them to the tune of the Ballad of the Goddess, but to the Great Mighty Poo's song. When the second verse comes up, he goes ahead and sings that the same way.
  • Upon encountering a glitch in Donkey Kong Country 3 wherein Dixie Kong flies to the top of the screen after he falls into a pit and dies.
    NCS: Did I just go to heaven?
  • "COJIRO".
  • His special battle music when fighting a member of the Blue Blue cult in Earthbound.
  • Navi having a seizure at the beginning of Part 3 from his The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time-LP:
    NCS: Howdy guys, it's NintendoCapriSun here, welcome back to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, we were just about to jump off a cliff. So here we go.
    Link does so at his behest, but fails to break the spiderweb blocking the hole in the ground
    Navi: Heyheyheyheyheyheyheyheyhey!
    NCS: Uh, Navi? Take it easy.
  • When trying to get one of Lanky's Bananas in Crystal Caves, he Orangasprints right past it and out the door. Four minutes in.
  • There's Part 33 of Donkey Kong 64, where Tim's commentary isn't that Tim himself comes in, in a second commentary track, and heckles himself for the whole video.
  • His attempt at an intro in this video.
  • During his Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door LP, a remark he made on the X-Nauts' uniforms.
  • Also from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, when confronting Doopliss on Twilight Trail, he tells Tim to say his name. This segues into Tim singing and believing that his name is Beyoncé.
  • The ENTIRE first episode of his Pokémon Sapphire Let's Play. One particularly good moment is what he names his Mudkip: Tom Hanks.
    • NCS opens a book in his room...
      NCS: "ADVENTURE RULE NO. 1:" Don't talk about the adventure!
    • In episode 2, after getting the Running Shoes, he finds it so mind-boggling that the shoes would come with instructions that he proceeds to laugh uncontrollably for about 30 seconds.
    Mother: NCS, those shoes came with instructions.
    NCS (laughs his head off): Do you really need instructions for shoes?
    • NCS talks about Game of Thrones and mixes up the name Westeros with "Westboro".
    • Any time NCS decides to read out the in-game dialogue but replace it with something he thinks is better, such as:
    NPC: I am Mr. Stone, President of the Devon Corporation.
    NCS: "I am Obama, President of the United States of America".
    • Tim seeing the Pokémon Nuzleaf for the first time:
    NCS: "I am the almighty tiki god! I wear a bra on my legs!"
    • His reaction to seeing Kirlia's back sprite.
    • In episode 30, when confronting Norman (the player character's in-game father) NCS comments "I may not be able to beat my dad at Dr. Mario, but I'm sure going to beat him at Pokémon!" He then adds that his Real Life father is a master at Dr. Mario and can get up to level 50.
    • In episode 34, he complains about people who pronounce the title of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters as "Ah...real monsters."
      • The Green Rupee Scream is used for the "Aaahh!".
    • Tim's post-edit pop-up messages in episode 43 where he constantly corrects incorrect statements he makes in the video.
    • In Episode 51, the best use of the Green Rupee Scream - after trying to catch Regice, it runs out of PP and kills itself from struggle recoil. His reaction is priceless.
      • He finally manages to catch Regice (or as he calls it, "Regis Philbin" when he plans to use 30 Ultra Balls in order to max out the effectiveness of a Timer Ball. He does so, only for the Timer Ball to fail. And then, as he despairs, the next Ultra Ball he throws randomly catches it.
  • His... enthusiasm when getting the Chili Bean in Plants vs Zombies 2. For the record, the chili bean makes your enemies fart. Which kills them.
  • While playing Metroid, he attempts to take a shortcut to get out of Ridley's hideout, only to discover he made a wrong turn and after a few good minutes of traveling finds himself smack dab in front of a dead end. Cue what can only be described as an offscreen skyward scream.
  • His instagram, which is just a bunch of pictures of him with random objects taped to his face.
  • His video description for the 73rd episode of Ni no Kuni:
    A kid goes missing and so does a swimsuit. We take care of them in the order of most alive to least alive.
    • Later, in the 114th video, he spots a spider on his wall. He pauses the game to go hunt the spider... and leaves the whole thing in. And it is hilarious.
    "CRAP! I don't want him crawling all over my face tonight..."
  • His reaction to cross-examining the parrot during Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. He laughs for about 5 minutes, noting that he hasn't laughed that hard since encountering The Great Mighty Poo (he goes on to call it "The Great Mighty Parrot").

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