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Funny: Castlevania
  • There is also the Aria of Sorrow version of Excalibur, The Sword Still in the Stone.
  • In Portrait of Ruin, there is a cream pie subweapon. Which is already funny in and of itself, but here's the kicker: it has the Darkness elemental property, making it very useful when you fight the Whip's Memory, a projection of Richter Belmont, the last Belmont to wield the Vampire Killer whip. You can beat an extremely powerful vampire hunter by throwing pies at him!
    • Then there's Jonathan's Badass Boast after beating Death, "I don't need the vampire killer to kick your ass!"
    • Then there's Order of Ecclesia's Brachyura and Gravedorcus. SHOOUUUURRRGGGGG. As a commenter put it, "mwa haa haa haa. Top this shit, Persona 3."
  • In Castlevania Judgment, when Trevor defeats Sypha (his wife) in his story mode.
    Trevor: I fought fair and won the day. If only that held true in the household...
  • Some of the Order of Ecclesia enemy descriptions can be hilarious.
    Grave Digger: Enjoys his cursed vocation because he meets new people.
    Werebat: A half-human half-bat. How about that.
    Dullahan: This knight doesn't need a head to hand his enemies theirs.
    Stone Rose: Once an insectivore, this plant's tastes have broadened.
    Mad Butcher: A madman with a mechanized saw. Enjoys butchery and sculpting.
    Double Hammer: The only thing more dangerous than a giant hammer is two.
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