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Funny: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
  • Gabriel throwing the grenade back to the goblins upon his first sight of them!
  • "Down here, you bitch!"
    • Zobek also used the word "bitch" once in one of his narrations.
  • Gabriel's funny scream as he gets lifted to the final platform after defeating Dracolich.
  • Gabriel's little smirk before doing the classic "let go of the rope during tug-of-war" trick against the evil butcher.
  • At one point, Gabe lands on a platform to face a goblin that roars at him, then nonchalantly walks away like nothing. There's a pause, then a much bigger goblin appears behind him.
  • As Gabe turns a crank you can see a skeleton behind him in the distance. He cranks down, putting the skeleton offscreen, and when he comes back up, the skeleton is a bit closer. This continues until the skeleton is right on top of him, at which point, Gabe stops and looks around.
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