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Funny: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  • There's the infamous, Narmtacular "What is a man?" conversation at the beginning of the original game.
  • Or that Evil Elevator? God, Alucard and Richter sound like they're absolutely terrified in it!
  • Or the "Holy Relic," an item that lets Alucard go underwater without taking damage: It's a snorkel.
  • Or the Platform Shoes item whose description is "Discreetly makes you look taller". If you look very closely (or have a big screen TV) you can see that it actually does, making Alucard a pixel or two higher.
  • Alucard's recollection of Trevor Belmont, which appears as a thought balloon containing Trevor's unmodified 8-bit sprite from Castlevania III.
  • In the confessional, if Alucard sits in the Priest's chair, a female ghost will walk up to the other seat. The one in blue will spring a trap just like the green priest, but the woman in red will start giving a tearful confession... And doesn't ever stop. Eventually, Alucard will fall asleep.
  • Summon Alucard's Bat familiar and have him turn into a bat, himself. The familiar falls in love with him, little hearts coming from it. It's as adorable as it is hilarious.
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