Funny / Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate

  • During the first act, when Simon obtains the Throwing Axe in a cut scene that involves him ripping it out of a walking zombie, before kicking it away. The monster's head still moves and snaps for a second before Simon casually tosses it away.
  • The dissonance between Alucard's reactions to seeing Simon stuck in a death trap both times, needing to solve a puzzle to save him. First time, he's horrified that the man he is seeing is quite possibly his son. The second time? He clicks his tongue and sighs.
  • Alucard has to pry the second blood orb from the corpse of one of the Hunchback enemies, requiring a quick-time event where he kicks it away in frustration.
  • Young!Simon pouting when his mother Sypha tells him not to play with the Combat Cross.
  • During Trevor's story, he comes upon a large door... which opens up, releasing some sort of spiritual creature, which is the Mirror of Fate, telling him that he can't enter yet and then shuts the door on his face. Trevor reacts to this by standing perfectly still with a dead serious look, saying absolutely nothing.