Funny / Castlevania: Bloodlines

  • Lose to the Gear Steamer in stage four and watch him do a Happy Dance.
    • One of Gear Steamer's attacks has it swim across the ground to try and charge at you.
  • In the Munitions Factory Level set in WWI-era Germany, the skeleton enemies are all wearing stahlhelms.
  • Drolta's Mecha Knight/Armor Battler has a lot of funny moments.
    • During it's first bossfight, it invokes The Determinator and keeps trying to kill the player even after both of it's weapons are knocked away. Then when both of it's arms are knocked off, it just goes full Black Knight as it awkwardly power-walks around and tries to kick the player to death.
    • And in the last level, in the hallway before the final bosses, it will make a last ditch efforts to stop the player by charging down the hallway at full speed. Seems scary, but one hit from any attack will defeat him instantly. Degraded Boss and Epic Fail indeed.
    • During the Enemy Roll Call credits, it looks like this mechanical knight is pointing out the staff members' names in a grand fashion with it's weapons.