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Trivia: Castlevania: Bloodlines
  • This game introduces a number of firsts to the series:
    • First Castlevania game to not star a direct descendant of the Belmont clan.
    • First Castlevania game to have a spear as a main weapon. That said, it's not the first game to feature a non-whip main weapon; in Haunted Castle, Simon Belmont can wield a sword.
    • First Castlevania game in which water submersion does not result in instant death, though it still causes heavy damage.
    • First Castlevania game to be set in the 20th century.
    • First and only Castlevania game to appear on a Sega platform. (Castlevania Resurrection for the Sega Dreamcast was cancelled.)
    • First Castlevania game to feature an American character.
    • First Castlevania soundtrack to be composed by Michiru Yamane, who would go on to be a regular composer for Castlevania soundtracks.
  • Currently, Castlevania Bloodlines is the only originalnote  console Castlevania game that has not had a Virtual Console rerelease yet.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: Two enemies, a boss, and an obstacle were chosen from a contest for the Japanese exclusive MegaDriveFAN magazine. Those enemies were the green enemies in the gardens of Versailles, the beetles in the Munitions factory (which also housed the winning trap, the rollers), and the boss was the Silhouette Demon just before the Princess of Moss.

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