Tear Jerker / Castlevania


  • Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Pretty much any scene involving Shanoa and Albus counts, but the major tear jerker comes at the very end, when the now dead-by-your-own-hand Albus, who had given up his soul to Dominus in order to spare Shanoa from making the same sacrifice, takes off for the afterlife after seeing Dracula's end.
    Albus: If you want to repay me, you can grant me one final wish... Smile for me. Please... before I fade away.
    And Shanoa does, as a single tear runs down her hitherto-stoic face.
  • The ending to Symphony of the Night's Dracula fight. The revised dub particularly, excluding (mostly) the original version's Narm Charm. View it here
    • On that note... The whole series from Dracula's viewpoint. Yes, Dracula is a monster. Yes, his life sucks, basically because Love Makes You Evil... And also there is the pieces of art by Kojima with him holding his first and second wife in the exact same way... A tearjerking continuity nod.
    • Oh by the way, to add this up further? In the Japanese version, Alucard was practically sobbing while he was uttering his mother's words to Dracula. So basically, even if his dad is an utter prick, it's still pretty sucky for Alucard to beat the crap outta him just to convey his mother's words.
    Dracula: Tell me... What... what were Lisa's last words?
    Alucard: ...She said, "Do not hate humans. If you cannot live with them, at least do them no harm, for theirs is already a hard lot." She also said to tell you... that she would love you for all eternity.
    Dracula: Lisa... Forgive me! Farewell... my son...
  • The worst ending in Harmony of Dissonance could count.
  • In Dracula X Chronicles, if you don't save Annette, she gets turned into a Succubus and Richter has to kill her.
  • The bad ending of Dawn of Sorrow probably counts.
  • Castlevania: Judgment has Golem's storyline: Golem spends his storyline trying to figure out if he really has a soul and hoping to find a place to live. During this process, his creator, Carmilla, declares he can never be human and tries to destroy him, and then Death notes that he has a soul, but tries to destroy him for no longer being a mindless servitor. Then, whilst Golem is revelling in the proof that he has a soul, Aeon reveals that if he leaves the time rift, then he will lose his soul and revert back to his mindless former self. However, unless he stops the Time Reaper who is creating the rift, all of humanity will eventually be destroyed. After hearing this, Golem makes a Heroic Sacrifice and battles Time Reaper, because "that's what a human would do". He ends up stranded in ruins, a mindless beast once more, and ends up being destroyed by some random nameless nobody of a hunter.

Meta Examples

  • For a while, people were looking forward to a Metroidvania starring Julius Belmont in his youth, chronicling his truly epic adventure in finally killing Dracula for good in the Battle of 1999. Now with Iga having left Konami to continue the Castlevania Legacy with the Serial Numbers Filed Off with Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (and thus not being allowed to make the story himself) and Konami generally showing no interest whatsoever in continuing those styles of games or even that continuity of Castlevania, it looks like that story is never going to be told.