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Funny: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
  • Any scene where Dracula and Chupacabras the castle shop-keeper are on-screen together. With the latter kowtowing to your every whim and praising his excellency.
    • At some point in the past, Dracula had to have a prison made specifically for Chupacabras to cancel his teleporting, because his pranks and personality were driving the prince of darkness insane.
  • The look on Drac's face when Trevor asks him to find all of the broken pieces of the Mirror of Fate after enduring Agreus is absolutely priceless. The sort Dad's wear when they can see they are about to be really inconvenienced and would rather not accede to their child's demands but love and honour push them to attempt anyway.
    • It's a face that screams "I've had a long day, kid."
  • A Brotherhood knight who meets his demise in Drac's castle is called Eddard S. (Notable, in that he's killed not by Agreus or any of the other monsters inhabiting the castle but by his own commanding officer. Who cracks under the strain and ends up mortally wounding Eddard because he was the only one brave enough not to flee and instead stands by the lunatic. Poor honorable fool. He also mentions that one of the trees with red leaves may have had a face carved in it...)
  • One of the knights in the City of the Damned drank something from the Chupacabra's shop that made him drunk. His last moments of life were spent having a laughing spell at seeing his scroll write out his drunk thoughts (which you read).
  • Another one of the scrolls in the library has a knight who's gone insane after reading one of the library's eldritch tomes, detailing a ritual that would give him the power to bring God low. The ritual? Step left twice, right twice, step forward, back, forward, back, grab the air and jump. He apparently fell to his death by breaking a railing doing it.
  • When you chew through some ropes as a rat in the theater, a weighted bag comes crashing down. What's written on it? ACME.
  • Satan's taunts while in possession of Alucard are admittedly hilarious, even if they do reference child abuse.
  • In Revelations, it turns out that Alucard has a bit of humor in him.
    • At one point, some enemies try to set up an ambush for Alucard. However, it's such an obvious set up that when they finally "spring" the trap, He briefly smirks a bit in amusment.
    • And then there's his quip to the final boss of the DLC.note 
      (to Zobek's Lieutenant) "Nice Armor."
  • You get an achievement for roasting an owl with the Chaos Bombs, turning it into a fully-cooked chicken like the old games.
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