Funny / Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

  • If Jonathan gets charmed into attacking Charlotte during the Astarte boss battle and Charlotte finishes it after beating him into submission, she'll snap at him after the battle ends.
    Charlotte: [clearly upset] You were asking for it!
    Jonathan: ...Sorry...
  • Stand still with Jonathon long enough and he'll do this.
  • In the good ending, Jon, Charlotte, Stella, and Loretta run to search for Vincent in the castle ruin, not knowing HE is the one chasing after THEM.
  • The Sisters Mode. Killing an enemy by drawing a cross with your pen??? BWAHAHAHAHA...!!!
  • The Zacchino enemy will go up to any female character (and Old Axe Armor) and immediately declare his love for them. If you turn around, he'll say "Don't reject me!"
    • Go up as a man, though, and he pulls out a knife. Dude, I'm sorry! I didn't know you didn't swing that way!
    • Likewise, the succubi enemies loudly declare, "I'll play with you!" if you approach them with a male character — and shout "FILTHY COW!" if they see a female. Geez, catty!
  • There is a boss fight that is necessary in order for Jonathan to be able to master the Vampire Killer whip: he must defeat the whip's memory of its last owner, Richter Belmont. The boss takes extra damage from the Darkness element, and what sub-weapon has that element? The Cream Pie. Yes, you can defeat a legendary vampire hunter by hurling cream pies at him!
  • Enter 13th Street, Iron Blue Intention starts to play, you get pumped up just because of the music... and then, a Train appears out of nowhere and pushes you back while the music stops.
  • Some of the Persephones bring vacuum cleaners. Should Charlotte be anywhere near said maids, the vacuums will suck on her skirt, leaving her in panic.