Funny / Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

  • If Jonathan gets charmed into attacking Charlotte during the Astarte boss battle and Charlotte finishes it after beating him into submission, she'll snap at him after the battle ends.
    Charlotte: [clearly upset] You were asking for it!
    Jonathan: ...Sorry...
  • Stand still with Jonathon long enough and he'll do this.
  • In the good ending, Jon, Charlotte, Stella, and Loretta run to search for Vincent in the castle ruin, not knowing HE is the one chasing after THEM.
  • The Sisters Mode. Killing an enemy by drawing a cross with your pen??? BWAHAHAHAHA...!!!
  • The Zacchino enemy will go up to any female character (and Old Axe Armor) and immediately declare his love for them. If you turn around, he'll say "Don't reject me!" Go up as a man, though, and he pulls out a knife.
    • The succubi enemies loudly declare, "I'll play with you!" if you approach them with a male character — and shout "FILTHY COW!" if they see a female. Geez, catty!
  • There is a boss fight that is necessary in order for Jonathan to be able to master the Vampire Killer whip: he must defeat the whip's memory of its last owner, Richter Belmont. The boss takes extra damage from the Darkness element, and what sub-weapon has that element? The Cream Pie. Yes, you can defeat legendary vampire hunter by hurling cream pies at him!
  • Enter 13th Street, Iron Blue Intention starts to play, you get pumped up just because of the music... and then, a Train appears out of nowhere and pushes you back while the music stops.
  • Some of the Persephones bring vacuum cleaners.