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Fridge: Fairy Tail
Fridge Logic
  • In the Tartarus arc, Kyouka comments on Silver showing up in his 'human form' during the prologue. While this is actually some rather major foreshadowing, it almost seems strange in hindsight, considering he most likely doesn't even have one, considering he's not a demon, but is actually closer to a zombie. You'd think Kyouka, of all people, would know that.
    • There is no reason he can't have one. Doriate had one despite having originally been human. We just never got to see his, if he did have one.
  • Igneel being inside of Natsu suddenly raises all kinds of questions. Seeing as how it took freaking Acnologia to show up to finally get Igneel to get up off his dragon butt to go save Natsu (and by extension, probably himself) is bad enough as it is, and granted, we'll probably get more explanation later. What makes this really egregious, however, is that this is hardly the first time Natsu's life has been in danger. For one thing, there was Acnologia showing up once before and nearly killing Natsu, but there was also Zero, Hades, Zancrow, Future Rogue, Franmalth, take your pick, all of which came dangerously close to killing Natsu. Where was he during all of that if he could have come out at any time?
    • He was most likely hedging his bets on Mavis.
    • Hardly fridge when Natsu is furiously demanding answers in-universe.
  • Why is Zeref afraid of Acnologia if he actually wants to die? Shouldn't he be glad that Acnologia is hunting him down?
    • Because Acnologia doesn't want to kill Zeref. Maybe he just want to capture Zeref and keep him alive for like eternity. Also that might be the reason Acnologia want to destroy the E.N.D Book as E.N.D is one of the few things that can kill Zeref.
  • Sting and Rogue are the only dragon slayers who can use Dragon Force at will. So why do they never use it after their fight with Natsu and Gajeel, even when facing opponents they can't even scratch in their normal modes.

Fridge Brilliance
  • During the Phantom Lord arc, it is finally revealed that Mirajane is an S-Class Wizard. But in the Galuna Island arc a few chapters before, Mirajane can be seen descending from the second floor—which is restricted to anyone but S-Class mages.
  • Gajeel is probably the first antagonist to truly hurt the guild, and shows a general disdain for the "Fairies" throughout the Phantom Lord arc. At first it just seems like something to remind us he's a Jerkass... Then we see he uses iron, and what are fairies traditionally harmed by again?
  • After Etherion strikes the Tower of Heaven, Jellal and Erza are bombarded by howling wind. But when Siegrain comes to join them, the wind doesn't touch him and he remains immaculate. Being nothing more than a thought projection of Jellal's the entire time, he never had a tangible body to begin with, so why would it?
  • Cobra's poisonous snakes seem pretty silly next to the rest of the Oración Seis' powers, or just about anyone's in the series for that matter—but he probably chose to raise them in the first place more for the sake of always having an external fuel source for his Dragon Slayer magic than in hopes that they would do any good in a fight.
  • Edolas!Mirajane acts exactly the same way are Earthland!Mirajane, it seems to be for comedic effect until you realize the reason Earthland!Mira had a 180 personality change was because Lisanna died. Guess who's still alive in Edolas? Earthland!Lisanna.
  • Subversion from the Edolas arc. It makes perfect sense for the two Erzas to have different surnames, because Erza Scarlet got her name when she couldn't remember it and Jellal just named the color of her hair. But she's the only one who should have a different surname, and they all do for some unexplained reason.
    • Actually different surnames makes sense for everyone. Surnames often started off as nicknames derived from various sources, common origins include: the location the ancestors who received the name came, the ancestor's personality, the ancestor's job, the ancestor's ancestor (for any name ending in -son or the language's equivalent), or a title earned through accomplishment. The ancestors of the Edolas counterparts would likely have been as flipped around as the modern ones are leading to vastly different surnames being given in the first place!
    • The Edolas people are for all intents and purposes different people anyway. They all had different pasts and histories, and although many of them still ended up in Fairy Tail anyway, it wasn't the same. Erza was never part of it for example, Gajeel is just an ally rather than a member and Lucy and Juvia despite being recent recruits in Earthland, have been there far longer as they're already shown to have been members 2 years prior to the start of the story when Lisanna ends up there.
  • In the Edolas arc, it actually foreshadows that the whole plot to capture the Dragon Slayers was a sham, the whole time. Gajeel doesn't have a cat, which means that Wendy and Natsu really did stumble over the eggs by accident. If the Exceed really wanted to get all the Dragon Slayers, then Gajeel would have been forced one instead of having to look for one.
  • In-universe example. Laxus' whole takeover attempt was just a teenage temper tantrum fueled by fear that he was seen as nothing more than the master's grandson. Makarov throwing him out was publicly forcing him to take his own unique path.
  • One of Gajeel's Dragon Slayer's secret techniques is called Karma Demon: Iron God Sword.
  • Juvia's third person speech nowadays seems to be an attempt to sound cute, but once you look at her back story and how she acted before she met Gray. Her third person speech is because of her lack of social interaction and her awkward way to socialize after joining Fairy Tail and obsession over Gray is hard to be taken as comedy relief when you think why she acted like that.
  • Everyone's wondering how non-S-Class wizards (Natsu, Gray, Elfman) all managed to score victories against the Element 4. In general it seems like Fairy Tail has a lot of mages who would make S-Class somewhere else, but for some reason aren't here. Remember that being S-Class means that they can go on far more dangerous missions, and the last thing Makarov wants is to see his guild members get injured or die, so his standards for S-Class qualification are probably much higher than other guild masters.
    • Is also because being an S-Class wizard means much more than being strong: Natsu, Gray, and Elfman may be very strong, but they lack the maturity and wisdom required for the job.
  • Also when Gildarts returns to the guild, Cana, his daughter is nowhere to be found.
  • Massive example from the Fighting Festival arc: Not one Fairy Tail member makes any significant victory against Laxus while acting alone.
    • Freed curbstomps Alzack, who was essentially a renegade at the time, but loses to Mirajane when she's fighting to save Elfman.
    • Bickslow takes out Gray and a number of other wizards. It takes Loke summoning himself to win, and he wouldn't have been able to do it without Lucy's help.
    • Evergreen takes out Elfman, but loses to Erza. Yes, she lost in a one-on-one fight, but Erza was specifically gunning for Evergreen because she knew from what Makarov had said that the stone spell would be reversed.
    • Bisca tries shooting one of the thunder lacrima and nearly gets killed. Even Erza couldn't do it alone. It took the whole damn guild to bring down the Thunder Palace.
    • Mystogan runs off when Laxus destroys his mask. When Natsu steps up to fight, it's obvious his life is in peril. He'd have died on two separate occasions if not for Gajeel's help.
  • In the Tenrou Island arc, why was Gildarts placed in Route E for the first test? To make sure no one accidentally stumbles upon Mavis' grave before the second exam!
  • When it was revealed that Fairy Tail brought in another team in the Grand Magic Games, Lucy was confused as to why Laxus was with them (among other things). Makes sense since she wasn't there when he was reinstated back by Gildarts.
  • Rogue and Sting are clearly shocked, moreso than Rufus and Orga, when they see Natsu curbstomping their guild. But remember that they haven't actually seen Natsu fight and they based their opinion of his strength on his failure to kill Acnologia, even though neither of them have seen the dragon in action. They underestimated him and they realized it. Sabertooth's "strongest five mages" probably aren't as powerful compared to Fairy Tail's mages as they thought they were.
    • To add more: The fact Natsu got defeated by Acnologia easily also counts. If someone like him could kick most of Sabertooth's ass but get totaled by Acnologia, then Rogue and Sting feel they aren't up for the task as they expected.
  • A lot of people complained how much of a Curb-Stomp Battle Laxus vs. Raven Tail (including his father) was. But if you remember Gajeel was a Double Agent for Fairy Tail, then it makes perfect sense. Raven Tail boasted that they were specialized as the "Anti-Fairy Tail" Guild, meaning their members had strengths that exploits Fairy Tail's weaknesses when in fact, it's the absolute opposite. All this time, Gajeel had been giving Ivan false information on Fairy Tail's members (including Laxus). Thus, leading Ivan to choose the wrong members.
    • Although that didn't stop Nullpuding from making Gray look like a chump.
      • Context, my boy, Context: Nullpuding and Gray weren't directly fighting, they were participating in a game with certain rules. Probably in a one on one battle, Gray could have done better. Just look at Lucy vs. Flare: If it wasn't for Obra's cheating, Lucy would have won.
  • Why were Wendy and Chelia, two of the youngest competitors paired up against each-other? Because the organizers wanted it to be a fair fight for both of them. Not knowing how strong both girls really were, they put them in the same match so that people wouldn't have to watch a young girl get curb-stomped by an adult. It worked out better than they planned since they put out one of the best matches of the competition. Since we already know that the higher ups can control who fights who when they see fit (the attempt to put Bacchus and Erza in the same match, which only failed due to a miscommunication), so it makes a lot of sense.
  • When you look at the names of Wendy's attacks, you'll realize that they're the same as those of Natsu (Wing Slash, Crushing Fang and so on). Basically, she's learning from Natsu, an older Dragon Slayer fellow and friend, just like a child would learn from an adult. She's also more close to Natsu than Gajeel or Laxus to boot.
    • Wendy actually lampshaded this herself. During the final attack on Hades in the Tenrou Island arc, Wendy actually shouted out she learnt how to attack from watching Natsu, before hitting Hades with a Sky Dragon Wing Slash!
  • The Balam Alliance. At first, it sounds like a random, gibberish name. Then, if you do some research, turns out that according to Ars Goetia, Balam is a three-headed Demon King. Furthermore, all the members of the Alliance have a demonic motif in their Japanese names (Oración Seis = The Six Demon Generals, Tartaros = Gates of Hell and Grimoire Heart = Devil's Heart).
  • In flashbacks and even in the present day Ur is often described as someone who is approximately as powerful as one of the Ten Wizard Saints. However we never see her display that level of power onscreen. While it could simply be Famed in Story or Conservation of Detail, another plausible reason for Ur's seeming lack of power can be found in the story. Traumatic experiences can drastically affect a mage's power such as seen in Mirajane and Elfman. What is more traumatic than learning that your beloved daughter died without her mother at her side and neither had a chance to even say goodbye?
  • Way back in the Fighting Festival arc, Laxus wanted to transform Fairy Tail into a guild that valued strength above all else, a guild feared by all and one that nobody would disrespect. Seven years later someone actually created a guild like that, its called Sabertooth.
  • Mystogan/Jellal uses magic staves instead of using magic himself because as a resident of Edolas, he has no magical power within his own body unlike the Earthland residents.
  • In Sorcerer Magazine's interview with Elfman and Mirajane, they both give no comment when asked what their most difficult mission was. It's probably not too unreasonable to think that their most difficult mission would be the one where they thought Lisanna died.
  • After the timeskip, when asked by Makarov how she's doing Kinana says she can't remember her past but she can hear a voice asking to hear her thoughts. Of course, Kinana was previously Cuberos, Cobra's snake. Cobra's wish was to be able to talk to his only friend, his pet snake.
  • I initially thought it was weird Acnologia had humanesque body. Then we learn that he used to be a human being—specifically a Dragon Slayer.
  • At the end of the S-Class Trial arc, when Acnologia showed up at Tenrou Island for apparently no other reason than to be a dick, I'm sure people had to wonder why. The given explanation was, he shows up where dark thoughts gather. Ok, that makes sense, friggin' Grimoire Heart was on the scene. Dark thoughts if there ever were any. But, the real reason why Acnologia showed up is because Zeref was there. Zeref, the Black Mage who turned Acnologia from a raging insane Dragon Slayer to a raging insane...Dragon. Not much of a difference, honestly.
  • Why wasn't Mystogan sucked into the anima with the rest of Magnolia? Of course, the most obvious answer would be because he's from Edolas. And to an extent, you'd be right. Anima extracts all magic energy from an area. Mystogan was from Edolas, and thus didn't have any magic, so there was nothing to suck up in the first place!
  • During the Fighting Festival arc, Erza was released from petrification because her artificial eye cut the effect of Evergreen's Stone Eyes in half. When did she get out? Around one and a half hours later. In other words the spell would release the girls at the end of three hours; either Laxus really was bluffing all along or Evergreen is not quite sociopathic enough to murder her guildmates even on Laxus' orders.
  • It was mentioned that Fairy Tail didn't join the Sharpshooting competition of the Grand Magic Games in the past. Other than just simply giving up, the reason that they didn't participate was probably because that competition took place in the year Alzack and Bisca got married, or when Bisca was pregnant/just gave birth to Asuka.
    • Actually Jet mentions the time he didn't participate and one of the challenges was a race; it seems that the tournament was deliberately manipulated so that Fairy Tail would do badly...
  • At first, Edolas!Natsu's immunity to motion sickness seems like just another quirk to separate the two Natsus. But recently, it turns out the cause of Earthland!Natsu's motion sickness is due to being a Dragon Slayer, and Edolas!Natsu isn't!
  • So, it turns out that the Grand Magic Games started on July 1st, which according to an old splash page, is Lucy's birthday. Yet why wasn't there any mention of it during their party that night? Either Lucy really never told anyone when her birthday was, or her sense of time was still wonky from the two Timeskips she was subjected to.
  • With her reputation as the "Fairy Tactician," it's no wonder Mavis was really upset about her choosing Purehito as the Second Master.
    • And it also explains her reaction to Kagura showing up to fight Erza. Look at what happens when her predictions are wrong.
  • Juvia Lockser vs. Chelia Blendy? Not a bad choice, but why not one of the stronger fighters? Because they were needed to take on the more powerful members of the other guilds. Juvia however, can keep Chelia occupied indefinitely (and vice versa if Chapter 312 is any indication).
  • It may seem like an ass pull that Natsu and Gajeel can eat other elements besides their own and power up. But it fits with the Dragon Slayer magic. A Dragon Slayer can eat their own element and get stronger, but if you go by that logic the Dragon Slayer magic is really only efficient against the Dragons that taught the Dragon Slayers. Which means that the humans would be killing their parents/masters. But it is possible that is only for low level Dragon Slayers. And the more advanced one gets at their magic, the Dragon Slayers can eat other elements. Which makes more sense, if a Dragon Slayer was to fight a random Dragon, and could only eat their only element, their magic is only efficient at regaining their strength. But if the Slayers could eat other elements, they could eat the Dragons attacks and only get stronger, giving them a huge advantage. It is possible as although we have no idea what Natsu and Gajeel's ages are, they looked like children when their respective Dragons left. So it is possible that their Dragons only taught them the basics, and only know are Natsu and Gajeel reaching the more advanced levels.
    • Then there's a little hint in the very beginning of series, when Natsu successfully ate other element, used it and had no usual drawback—the chapter where he melted the Taurus' axe and got a power-up from it. He couldn't eat fire—it was his own, but metal, on the other hand... So yes, it wasn't asspull at all.
    • Look closer; he's not eating the metal, he's melting it and spitting it at Taurus.
  • If Sting was still the Smug Super he was before Natsu kicked his ass and Minerva's attempted invoking of the Power of Friendship, he might have been able to beat the weakened Fairy Tail team in the final round. But because Minerva awakened him to the power of friendship, he believed he didn't have a chance of winning because he saw how strong Fairy Tail's power of friendship was. In hindsight, trying to use the power of friendship to beat the guild who pretty much embodies the power of friendship was a really bad idea. Minerva's attempt at being Dangerously Genre Savvy sealed Sabretooth's defeat! It reinforces her Smug Snake status quite nicely.
  • The King of Fiore is actually Mato, the Pumpkin Referee. The fridge brilliance here was that the king's name is Toma E. Fiore. If you spell it backwards in Japanese, you'd get MA-TO.
  • Why does the audience boo Fairy Tail so much at the beginning of the Grand Magic Games? Their current standing aside, three other guilds founded by Fairy Tail alumni are contestants in the games: Raven Tail, Quatro Cerebus and Blue Pegasus. Raven Tail aside, by X791 Fairy Tail had been surpassed in status and quality as a guild by its own offshoots!
    • Compounding this is the fact that in X784, Fairy Tail had only recently come into prominence. Until then Phantom Lord was established to be the strongest guild in Fiore. This is borne out in an interview with Hiro Mashima. In the last 6 years there have only been 4 S-Class Wizards minted in their annual exam. Fairy Tail in X784 only has 5 S-Class wizards so that means for a long time Gildarts was Fairy Tail's only S-class Wizard and each S-class exam failed to produce any for quite a while. People with longer memories might be forgiven in thinking that Fairy Tail was a flash in the pan, a guild that was built on the backs of an elite few that fell apart once they went missing.
  • The timeline Mashima drew for Chapter 333 establishes something very interesting: Future!Lucy's timeline came first, with Future!Rogue's timeline being created by Future!Lucy going back in time and closing the gate un-interfered. In other words Future!Lucy was killed by a man from the timeline her actions created.
    • That means... that the original Eclipse project was just as doomed to failure as the Eclipse 'Cannon' project invented by Rogue; either it succeeded in killing Zeref, but the timing was off so he'd already aided in Acnologia's creation... or Zeref launched Acnologia back at Fiore in retaliation for the attempted strike (whether back through the Eclipse Gate Zeref originally invented or via The Slow Path doesn't much matter.)
  • When Mystogan is criticized for not doing enough in the war with Phantom, a convenient wind blows up and scatters the flags he took from the subdivisions he defeated. Later, it's established that one of Mystogan's staves can do wind magic. Bit passive-aggressive there, mate.
  • For a while some of the color for the characters guild insignias seemed a bit random. However, if you look at the female's insignias, you'll notice they match the hair color of the person they most commonly are paired with or someone who is important to them! Lucy's is pink like Natsu's hair, Erza's is blue like Jellal's hair, Wendy's is blue because of Mystogan, Juvia's is a darker shade of blue like Gray's hair, Mirajane's is white like her brother and sister's hair! Quite the sneaky tactic!
  • Zeref is known to be hundreds of years old, a powerful wizard, and immortal. Meaning that, unlike most of the shmucks in DBZ, he actually succeeded in becoming immortal, even if he seems to regret it now and is feeling even worse now.
  • In Chapter 364, a bunch of mooks were sent to attack Mira and Erza at the traitor Crawford's house. Whether you think a sleep spell was used or prefer the drugged tea theory, it served a purpose. With the spell theory, it distracted them from seeing Crawford cast the spell until it took effect. If you choose the drugged tea theory, it stopped them from noticing the effects and countering them. After all, Erza has that nurse outfit and some may thinks she knows a few basic healing spells, as a precaution for when she's on solo missions. And Mirajane spent years playing bartender/maid. It's entirely possible that she learned healing magic to tend to injured guildmates. Yes, I know that we haven't seen anything that shows that may be the case but given how determined the Demons are to succeed, I don't that they would ignore that possibility that a healer would be there and so they prepared for that outcome, just in case. So it's not that Erza and Mirajane know that magic, it's that the demons took that possibility into account.
    • Chapter 365 confirms that was, in fact, drugged tea.
  • Way back in Chapter 282, Erza asks Gray if hes noticed Juvia's feelings and suggests that he should make everything clear. Why is Erza the one to bring this up to him? Why not Lucy, Mirajane or Wendy. Because Erza saw how Juvia reacted when Meredy threaten to kill Gray back in Tenroujima, she saw that Juvia was serious and wants Gray to be the same.
  • Why did Gajeel become the Iron-Shadow Dragon Slayer? Simple. Because he is the guild's shadow. Handling missions that are of questionable nature, like spying, infiltration, and recon.
  • Natsu getting Lightning-Fire Dragon Mode and Gajeel getting Iron-Shadow Dragon Mode make sense when you look at the powers. Lightning can create fire or cause it and all of Gajeel's attacks create a shadow when he uses it. So instead of a Ass Pull, you have a clever amount of logic basing their power ups.
  • Natsu and other Dragon Slayers getting motion sickness seems to be Rule of Funny. However, motion sickness occurs when the sense of balance and vision give contrary information. While Dragon Slayer's sense of smell is most noted as better than regular humans, there is the implication that all their senses are better. This could make them more likely to get motion sick. Furthermore, strong smells often make motion sickness worse.
    • This actually makes a whole lot of sense. Wendy is the least developed of the Dragon Slayers, and she even admits her sense of smell isn't as good as Natsu's yet, so of course she wouldn't have her motion sickness kick in just yet.
    • It seems to be linked to their power as well, as Natsu, Gajeel, Sting, Rogue, and Laxus are all strong Dragon Slayers and have motion slickness, but Wendy doesn't. It's likely the more powerful Dragon Slayer magic gets, the more motion sickness they get because their senses get better.
  • In Chapter 340, when Mavis approaches Zeref, he states that he can neither hear, nor see her (due to the fact that he's not a member of Fairy Tail), but could still feel her presence. Despite this, the two of them seemingly held an entire conversation with one another, as if he could hear what she was saying. He couldn't. He just knows her that well.
    • It also explains why he was on Sirius Island in the first place. Mavis couldn't have possibly not known he was there, meaning she had to have been okay with it, especially considering this is Zeref we're talking about, here. And how does someone like Zeref hide a magical presence like his? On an island only certain people can go to in the first place, while hiding behind the presence of another obscenely powerful mage.
    • Fairy Tail Zero seems to back this up. One of the very first magics Mavis learned were illusions. So it's not completely unthinkable that considering how powerful Mavis was, creating an illusion barrier to envelop an entire island and simultaneously hide Zeref's presence would be a cakewalk to her.
  • The end of the fight between Jellal and Oración Seis. Many fans thought that Zero killing Jellal being an illusion was an Ass Pull, however, quite a few hints were thrown that need to be considered: 1.) Zero only surfaced when ALL the other members were defeated. Even if Jellal defeated the 4 that were fighting him (which he later did), Zero would never surface because Hoteye wasn't even in the fight. 2.) Jellal had already taken a Dark Cappricio before, when he was severely weakened, and the spell only damaged him a little. So why now, when he was fighting at his best (and with even more power than 7 years ago), he would be killed by the same spell? 3.) While Racer, Cobra and Angel were fighting Jellal, Midnight was mostly in the background, which hinted that he was actually preparing an illusion. All in all, the Ass Pull claims sound more as if the Jellal haters were angry because he wasn't killed, even if he survived worse things before.
  • The understanding that Dragon Slayer magic turns one more into a Dragon as you get stronger, makes Dragon Force more understandable. Dragon Force is a power up unlike any other in Shonen manga. I mean unlike any of the Super Saiyan transformation, even after Natsu unlocked it in the Tower of Paradise arc, he can't activate freely. Nor does it come to him in rage or danger like Naruto's Nine-tails transformations or Ichigo's Hollow transformations. It only happens if Natsu and now Wendy get a huge power up from the magic around them. So Dragon Force is really what would naturally happen if any Dragon Slayer got to that level of power naturally, they simply turn more draconic. Which explains why the Third Generation can achieve Dragon Force easier than the First Generation. They can use the Lacrima inside their bodies to power themselves up.
  • The reason Atlas Flame broke off of Future Rogue's magic smells of Asspull, but there is a logically explanation. We have no idea how effective Future Rogue's magic to control Dragons is. Rogue created the magic in a time when Acnologia was the lone dragon, and he admits it didn't work on it. So Future Rogue had no real way of testing the magic, and I doubt making a spell to control Dragons is easy. So it could be it didn't that much control over the dragons, and thus why Atlas Flame could break out of it so easily.
    • Perhaps a better way of thinking about it would be that it doesn't control dragons, but influences them. Think about it this way, if your going to do something anyway and someone says 'Hey there's a good place to start', you'll probably start there. They didn't really have a reason to say no, until Natsu came along.
  • During the second half of the Grand Magic Games arc, when attacked by Kamika, Mirajane reveals that she doesn't want to use her Satan Soul magic in front of others, but will gladly do so when nobody but the enemy is there. Fast-forward to the Tartaros arc, while Mirajane is enduring a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown at the hands of Seilah, we see in a flashback how Mirajane was ousted from her home village along with her siblings after she's used her Satan Soul for the first time. And her hot-headed, slightly misanthropic personality from when she was a kid? Probably Mira was angry with the world because of what they had done to her and her siblings. Only by being part of Fairy Tail's nakama, combined with her sister's death, did her kindhearted personality take over.
  • Why does Seilah of Tartarus constantly make references to 'stories' and use book motifs in her dialogue? As a demon from the Books of Zeref, the reason she even exists is because Zeref wrote a book detailing how to summon her. In other words, books, and the individual parts of books, represent life itself to her, something that was lampshaded in an exchange between Kyouka and Erza.
  • When we first see Lamy, her tie has 1/16 printed on it. Now when we see the mass-produced models, notice that there are 15 and one has 7/16 on her tie.
  • The Reveal that Igneel was inside of Natsu all along was hinted at way back during the Fighting Festival arc. The reason Natsu (and possibly Gajeel) couldn't get past the barrier in the guild hall that blocks anyone seventy or older from passing through was because they had centuries old dragons inside them.
  • Angel's trap for Natsu back in the Nirvana arc could be attributed to either A) it being common knowledge (Fukuro said he was aware of it from studying up on him) or B) because as a fellow Dragon Slayer, Cobra has the same weakness.

Fridge Horror
  • In Episode 9 of the Fairy Tail anime, we have a filler episode. They come upon a bunch of monsters at about the halfway point, and proceed to eat them. Later on, they break a spell and turn the monsters back into people. Yes. The monsters, that they ate, were people. In a comedy episode.
    • The characters have a moment of horror about this in the actual episode.
    • That's not the only filler episode with Fridge Horror in it. In Episode 19, Natsu switches bodies with Loke. Everything's fine by the next episode, but if it hadn't been, it's quite possible that Natsu would have died.
  • At the end of Nirvana arc, Wendy & Carla's entire guild, Cait Shelter turns out to be an illusion. Basically all the people they had known and lived with for the last 7 years are practically dead. And then they have no choice but to leave with people they had known for a couple of days or so.
  • During the Edolas arc, the vast majority of the guild as well as the population of Magnolia Town are fused into a giant mass of lacrima crystal, so that the Edolas Kingdom can harvest all their magic for their own needs.
  • Right after the Fighting Festival arc, we see Ivan turning a crow into a shikigami doll paper with his magic. Earlier he's seen talking to Gajeel with a human-shaped puppet. Do the math...
  • Aries says the word "sumimasen" (I'm sorry) whenever she does pretty much anything. It can be seen as a Verbal Tic at first, but then if you remember that the last two masters she's had were both abusive to Celestial Spirits, her repeated apologizing might simply be an ingrained response to prevent herself from being abused even more harshly.
  • Alzack being disappointed for not qualifying for the S-Class Exam. Considering what happened: Acnologia nuking Tenrou Island, it was a good thing.
  • The fact that Flare was able to take Asuka hostage during her match should tell you how safe the rest of the audience in the Grand Magic Games actually are.
  • Mavis' spirit form is cute and all... but just look at how young she appears, meaning that she died at that age, looking barely older than a child.
    • To be fair, she could simply be Really 700 Years Old and just vain (keeping a child's body) or unaging. Since she was supposedly an extremely powerful mage (she created the three Fairy Spells) being unaging seems more probable than being a master strategist at age 10.
    • Her latest speech even hints that she is a lot older than what she looks like (she always repeats "the young ones"). So, or she was unaging while alive, or her appearance has a ghost matches her personality.
    • Her talk with Zeref in Chapter 340 has both of them referring to humans as if neither of them are human. It makes sense in Zeref's case, since he no longer sees himself as human (and for good reason), but in Mavis's case, she may really not be. Either way, Mavis is almost certainly Older Than She Looks.
  • That egg Happy came out of was large enough to hold him as an adult, and his mom isn't any larger. Exceed pregnancy/egg laying must be the single worst experience in the multiverse.
    • That, or Exceed eggs somehow grow in size after being laid.
  • The Fairy Tail guild is known for causing massive amounts of property damage and destruction. It is really hard to believe that in spite of all the damage and destruction that guild caused over the years that not a single innocent civilian has even gotten hurt or killed because of it!
    • To be fair, that reputation is 1.) Largely overstated and 2.) Almost entirely Natsu.
      • Actually no, it is not almost entirely Natsu. In Episode 2 of the anime as well as Chapter 2 of the manga, the guild received many complaints about many of the other members of the guild, not just Natsu.
      • None of the other complaints were about the wide scale property damage that inspired the Fridge Horror, only Natsu's. Elfman punching his client, Gray walking around naked, and Cana drinking someone's booze stockpile were some of the other complaints.
      • In the same chapter, Lucy stated that most of the destructive events told in the newspapers is Natsu's doing. Even if Makarov lectures several people, he attributes a lot more things to Natsu (I didn't count, but I'm pretty sure he has as much complaints as the rest of the guild).
    • Fairy Tail is famous for being True Companions. Disbanding them works better as a threat than in actuality. Best case scenario Fairy Tail becomes a relatively benign Dark Guild, acting like they always do but outside of council supervision. Worst case scenario? The mages of Fairy Tail tend to be pretty powerful on average despite their quirks, skilled enough to be accepted into many legal Guilds. Now those troublemakers from Fairy Tail are everywhere instead of being concentrated in one Guild. Can a guild master aside from Makarov control people like Laxus, Gildarts, Erza, Natsu, and Gajeel?
      • That's irrelevant. The point is that the Fairy Tail guild is bound to kill or hurt people in their careless acts of destruction.
  • Chapter 281: Jiemma berates the hell out of the entire guild for a mere setback and expels Yukino. Based on the behavior of the guild members, it seems it wasn't the first time they experienced witnessing someone being psychologically torn down by Jiemma for even the slightest disappointment. Picture how short-lived the membership is even for talented wizards in that guild and how tense things are on a daily basis knowing one screw up can wreck their career.
    • Which just makes you wonder how they recruit people if the guild master is so nasty and everyone knows it.
      • For the name. Sabertooth is the strongest guild at the time, after all. Just like how Lucy wanted to be part of Fairy Tail initially because it was the biggest and strongest guild, people may have joined for the sake of status.
  • The Dragon Slayers' noses. Say you go stab someone. They'll smell blood on you. Broke down and started pigging out on food you swore off of for a diet? They smell it. Some girl is trying to keep a pregnancy secret? They can smell that. You have an affair while your wife is out of town? Better wash up real good or they'll smell what you just did.
    • How could they figure out when someone is pregnant from a sense of smell?
      • Changes in body chemicals. It would alter their natural odor.
      • This is, of course, assuming that they know the smell. Smelling something and knowing what it means are two different things.
      • True. But if they already witnessed a similar situation, they could remember it. And so/or do the math with this change of smell plus other changes often attributed to pregnancy (behavior, mood, skin color, weight, etc...).
  • Kagura wants to kill Jellal. Assuming that Kagura is around 19-20 or even early twenties, she was at least 12 years old when the Tenrou Team disappeared. Imagine what could have happened in that time.
    • If she has the same reason as everyone else (having been enslaved) then that means she would have been 4 or 5 at the tower, and Erza implies that they were all kept there for some time before the revolt as well.
      • The reason is finally revealed. Simon was her brother.
  • Erza. Her bizarre character quirks and weird habits become a lot Harsher in Hindsight after we learn about her backstory. Her obsession with fashion and armor? She was forced to wear nothing but rags. A Big Eater who tends to fly into an Unstoppable Rage when interrupted? Growing up on the edge of starvation will do that to you. No Social Skills, Innocent Fanservice Girl, and The Stoic? Well, I think you get the idea. Every time she reacts in a completely deadpan manner to the antics of the guild, remember that it's because she doesn't know how to react normally. It's a lot harder to find it funny.
  • The way Natsu, Evergreen, and Elfman treat Zeref when they first meet him. They have no way of knowing who he is, and even if his magic is dangerous he repeatedly warns them to keep a safe distance and even promises to go away as long as they don't get too close. When he also acts happy to see Natsu, Natsu responds by punching him, and everyone agrees that he's a freak when he starts crying afterward. Way to be the nice, friendly guild.
    • To be fair, multiple times throughout the series we've seen characters deduce the negative nature of another character simply by being near them and feeling the energy they exude. Considering this is Zeref we're talking about, Natsu, Evergreen, and Elfman could probably sense he was really, really bad news.
      • Also, recall that the reason Zeref was so happy to see Natsu was because he thought Natsu was about to kill him.
  • You know Dobengal? That guy that Jiemma, the guild master of Sabertooth, was absolutely certain could beat Natsu but couldn't? We haven't seen him in a while, no? Remember what Jiemma did in Chapter 300 and why? Makes you wonder: Have we not seen him in a while because he's just not doing anything important or because there's nothing left to see?
    • He's fine, he's with the rest of Sabertooth when they're informed about the dragon situation.
  • Some of Natsu's break in scenes, such as the time Lucy found him in her bed, or the clip of him walking into her bathroom and greeting her while she's bathing, just seem like funny stupid things Natsu would do. Except as of the time skip it turns out he actually has a libido. He demonstrates this by trying to spy on Lucy in a hot spring, trying to go see her while she's showering, and, in the filler arc, imagining her in skimpy paper clothing. The difference between Natsu then and now is, at best, a few months, and there was never a big scene where he was shown suddenly realizing that women were a thing that he now cares about. Suddenly his earlier moments don't seem as stupid and innocent.
    • Debatable. It seems to take him a minute or two to realize things like this, so it may be that he only has a libido when he's in a certain mood. In a recent episode, he says that Lucy is taking a shower, and asks if he should check on her again. Elfman tells him that's a bad idea, which leads to a confused "Why?" from Natsu. After thinking for a minute, he tries to run off and peek on her, but luckily Erza stops him.
  • While Shagotte had good intentions sending the 100 eggs to Earthland, it takes closer to 500 unique members of a species for it to repopulate. Otherwise inbreeding will result in enough defects that the species will eventually fail to thrive.
  • Chapter 328 makes Acnologia even scarier in hindsight. If seven dragons are apparently enough to wipe out humanity, how powerful must Acnologia be to have killed so many of them that he became a dragon?
    • Made worse when Mavis notes her concern at how the Dragon Slayers now are incapable of doing a damn thing to the things they were supposed to kill, who were implied to not be in the high tiers. Mind you that it is still likely Acnologia is going to appear and cause humanity's downfall, meaning they have to get their act together soon.
    • We don't know that seven dragons are enough to wipe out humanity; we only know that Future!Rogue thinks that seven would be enough to defeat Acnologia (and, admittedly, by extension, destroy humanity as Acnologia did in Rogue's timeline.)
  • The Levy from Future!Lucy's timeline is still alive in the middle of a dragon apocalypse and still has no idea what happened to her friend.
    • Furthermore, when Future Lucy comes to the "Golden Plains", basically every known mage from Fairy Tail (Natsu, Happy, Erza, Gray, Wendy, Carla, Pantherlily, Gajeel, Juvia, Makarov, Mirajane, the Raijinshuu, Cana, Elfman and more can be discerned from the silhouettes) are there, waiting for her. While this is meant to be heartwarming, it also means that Lucy and Levy probably are the only surviving mages in their timeline. And now only Levy is back...
    • Fridge Horror indeed. But considering the way this chapter ended. It is possible this timeline doesn't even exist anymore. So Future Lucy, neither Future Levy, from this timeline had to suffer this much.
    • Future Levy looks to be in the silouettes too (and you can clearly see her in anime ending 16 which is all about this scene). Either she died while Lucy was gone, the whole thing is just some kind of dream thing, or (considering Future Levy only came up like once and was never mentioned again) that plot point was forgotten about or otherwise aborted, and thus retconned out.
  • Zeref's boast in Chapter 340 is already pretty unnerving, but it gets worse when you remember that he witnessed the Grand Magic Games through his imp Obra. He saw the best and brightest the mages of the present have to offer...and he's still confident that wiping out humanity will be more like pest control than a fight. And considering how easily he absolutely annihilated Hades, who tossed around the best Fairy Tail had to offer like rag dolls, that's not to be taken lightly.
    • Made worse by examining some of the other top wizards in the series. Hades and Makarov are old, but were and are two of the most powerful wizards in the story. Makes sense, they've spent decades refining their magical abilities. Makarov at least was slowed down by his frequent heart issues, making him occasionally less reliable than say, Gildarts. Gildarts being a guy who has a couple decades on most of the cast but is also a few decades younger than Makarov, so he has a great combination of youthful physical conditioning and magical power. Zeref, however, is around 400 years old and he's still young. Zeref's sheer power should be unbelievable.
  • It's clear Mavis and Zeref have a history together, given what we learned in Chapter 340. At one point, Mavis was also close enough with Hades/Precht to co-found her guild with him, whom Zeref himself killed. Meaning, she was talking with someone who had flat-out killed her former friend without knowing it.
  • Monsieur Sol in the anime. His ultimate attack is transforming a person into a shapeless rock and forcing them to relive their worst memories for all of eternity. Now that by itself is pretty dark, but then you wonder... how many people has he used this power on before Elfman? How many rocks in the world are this man's victims? We'll never know.
  • In the anime during the Grand Magic Games, both Chapati and Labian wished Wendy had taken place in Naval Battle instead of Lucy, but considering what happened to Lucy at the end of this its a good thing Wendy hadn't been in that round.
  • Seilah of Tartarus uses Elfman's hand to choke Lisanna. It's enough to get a mention on the Nightmare Fuel page but remember when the series started? Lisanna was assumed dead, because she had supposedly been killed... when Elfman lost control of his take over. He spent years believe he murdered his baby sister and is now being forced to strangle her and he can't stop himself!
  • Erza's torture at hands of Tartarus is horrific enough already but then you remember why Erza wears armour. She feels scared and insecure without it, it protects her from the outside world. And now she is completely naked, restrained and horrifically tortured. This is pretty much Tower of Paradise for her all over again, if not worse.
  • Tempesta gassing an entire city is horribly reminiscent of a chemical weapons attack in real life. But it gets even more horrible than that when just a few weeks prior to the chapter being released, this actually happened in REAL LIFE in Syria where Bashar Assad allegedly gassed innocent civilians during the Syrian Civil War.
    • In that same vein... the chapter that depicted a young Minerva being horribly abused by her Abusive Dad (and thus served as a Freudian Excuse for her behavior all throughout the series) came out two days before Father's Day.
  • Gildarts mentions thirteen women when he is trying to find out who Cana's mother is. Cana may have A LOT of half siblings...
  • Marde Geer's use of "Alegria" firmly cements Cube as an Eldritch Location. But it gets so much worse when you realize it is assimilating all of Tartarus' mooks as well as Fairy Tail's mages into it, and then you notice how many skulls and skeletons make up Tartarus' HQ's architecture. Cube could be a giant necropolis, made up of literally thousands of dead humans.
  • Both of Lucy's parents ended up dying relatively young (Layla at 29, Jude at 45) of illness. It starts to make one fear for Lucy, especially if the illness is possibly genetic.
  • You know how Bickslow has five dolls with which he uses to fight? Well his power is to take control of the souls of any living thing he makes eye contact with. It makes you wonder, where did those dolls' souls come from?
  • The reveal that Zeref created the demons of the Books of Zeref solely because he hoped they would be able to kill him. It's likely that all of the other dark magic he left behind was created for a similar reason. Just how many of the world's problems are due to a nigh invincible immortal mage's death wish? Not to mention the fact that, in the last four hundred years, none of it worked.

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