Characters: Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail has quite the cast, and they try their best to be fleshed out. So many and so fleshed out, in fact, that we had to split the original page.

The Fairy Tail Guild:

  • Team Natsu Character List 
  • Tenrou Group Character List 
  • Other Fairy Tail Members Character List 

Other Guilds:

  • Official Guilds Before Sirius Island Blue Pegasus  Quatro Cerebus  Phantom Lord  Lamia Scale  Cait Shelter 
  • Official Guilds After Sirius Island Twilight Ogre  Sabertooth  Mermaid Heel  Raven Tail 
  • Dark Guilds Character List 
    • Oración Seis Character List 
    • Grimoire Heart Character List 
    • Tartaros Character List 


  • Zeref and His Demons Character List 
  • Jellal and His Associates Character List 
  • Celestial Spirits Character List 
  • Edolas Characters Kingdom of Edolas  Edolas Fairy Tail  Exceeds 
  • Government Kingdom of Fiore  Current Magic Council  Former Magic Council 
  • Dragons Character List 
  • Other Characters Family  Sylph Labyrinth  Other Criminals  Time Travelers (MASSIVE SPOILERS Unsorted 

Other Media

  • Anime-Only Characters Character List 
  • Spin-Off Characters Fairy Tail Zero  Fairy Tail Ice Trail