Fan Fic / Rainbow in the Dark
Our couple, mares and gentlecolts
Cover drawn by Sayer (The original writer).
Used with permission.

Rainbow in the dark is a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfiction story describing the romance between Rainbow Dash and Brownie, a new pony who recently moved to Ponyville. At first Brownie and Rainbow Dash act like friends, but it doesn't take long before the main character develops a crush on Rainbow Dash. Brownie soon finds himself trying to fit in a town full of crazy ponies while trying to win her heart in the process. Not to be confused with the famous song by Ronnie James Dio.

Sayer and Kalash93 said that it is possible that Rainbow in the Dark exists in the same universe, although perhaps not in the same continuity as Racer and the Geek. Small nods, links, and references are present. This is still completely nebulous.

Has a sequel/spinoff ills nor friends, and ends up with a collection of good friends and wrapped in a romantic relationship with Rainbow Dash.