Fan Fic: I Put On My Robe And Wizard Hat

In the ending moments of the Fourth Holy Grail War, certain people took a different tack to resolve the problem of the tainted grail. As a result, there was no fire that consumed Fuyuki City.

Ten years later, Shirou Urobuchi finds himself having the most harrowing day of his life. He is chased by a blue haired spearman for no reason, and his attempt to counterattack gets the school burnt down. After his life was saved by a white haired man dual wielding swords, he manages to get home, only to find Illyasviel von Einzbern nee Emiya waiting for him. She's giving him an early birthday present, her virginity. The red-haired, Internet-savvy, hungry-for-Sakura-Matou teenaged boy accepts, and soon finds his fate tied to the Emiya family, just as the Fifth Holy Grail War begins...

I Put On My Robe And Wizard Hat is a Fate/stay night Fan Fic written by Ol'Velsper. It is an attempt to reimagine the Fifth Holy Grail War in the same vein as the Interview-verse fics of The Sage of Toads. That means making people Genre Savvy, One of Us, and, most importantly, Crazy Awesome.

The sequel, Apostles in Leather Pants, takes place not long after the first story and reimagines Tsukihime. There is also a side story, Reflection of the Kaleidoscope, that contains some what-ifs and some crossovers.

This fanfic contains examples of: