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Nitroplus Co., Ltd. (nitro+/Nitro Plus before the 2008 rebranding) is a Japanese game company specializing in Eroge and Visual Novels. Its works are almost invariably dark in tone, with an abundance of Eldritch Abominations, horror, rape, gore and violence.

Their first release was 2000's Phantom of Inferno, also was main writer Gen Urobuchi's first work with the company. Subsequent games such as 2003's Saya no Uta and 2008's Chaos;Head garnered enough acclaim for the studio's popularity to reach levels comparable to that of Key/Visual Arts, TYPE-MOON and 07th Expansion.

One of Nitro's most prolific creators is Gen Urobuchi, who has gone on to write Fate/Zero, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Psycho-Pass independent of the company. Vocalist Kanako Itou is another frequent collaborator, having performed the musical themes for many of their VNs and anime adaptations. On a sad (and perhaps ironic) note, their music producer Shingo Minamino was murdered tragically and brutally in the middle of a busy street.

For some bizarre reason, the company responsible for so many dark and disturbing stories has a mascot in the pink-haired, baby-faced, be-headphoned Moe character Super Sonico.

No relation to N Plus

Releases of Nitro+ (in chronological order):

  • Phantom of Inferno (2000)
    • Phantom INTEGRATION (2004)
    • Phantom -Phantom of Inferno- (2012) - All-ages remake of the original game for the Xbox 360, with updated art and voice actors from the anime adaptation. A PC port was released in 2013.
  • Vampirdzhija Vjedogonia (2001)
  • Kikokugai The Cyber Slayer (2002)
    • Kikokugai -Reichin Rinrinshan- (2011) - Remake of the original game with voice acting and toned-down sexual content (Rated 15+)
  • "Hello, World." (2002)
  • Demonbane (2003)
  • Saya no Uta (2003) - one of Urobuchi's most famous— or infamous— works
  • Angelos Armas (2005)
  • Jingai Makyou (2005)
  • Hanachirasu (2005)
  • Sabbat Nabe - Nitro+ Amusement Disc (2006), a compilation disc which includes Dra Koi, Nitrowars, and Kaigen Seito (a Role-Playing Game spin-off of Hanachirasu)
  • Gekkou no Carnevale - Carnevale de la Luce de la Luna (2007)
  • Zoku Satsuriku no Django (2007) - also known as Tre Donne Crudeli
  • Nitro+Royale - Heroines Duel (Comiket 2007) - a fighting game
  • Chaos;Head (2008) - First entry of the Science Adventure Series, their collaboration with 5pb.
  • Sumaga -STAR MINE GIRL- (2008)
    • Sumaga Special (2010) - a Sumaga fandisc
  • Full Metal Daemon Muramasa (2009)
    • Full Metal Daemon Muramasa Stories of Evil Thoughts (2010) - a fandisc
  • Steins;Gate (2010) - Second entry of the Science Adventure Series, their collaboration with 5pb.
  • Axanael (2010)
  • SoniComi - Communication with Sonico (2011)
    • Motto! SoniComi - More Communication with Sonico (2013) - PS3 port of SoniComi, featuring reworked graphics and more content.
  • Guilty Crown Lost Christmas (2012) - prequel to Guilty Crown
  • Phenomeno - Chapter 1 (2012) - adaptation of the novel of the same name
  • Robotics;Notes (2013) - Third entry of the Science Adventure Series, their collaboration with 5pb.
  • Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi. or Totono (2013) - A deconstructed Romance Metafiction Game.
  • Tokyo Necro (2016) (official tumblr account)
    • Tokyo Necro DEFENDERS (TBA) - tie-in mobile game

Nitroplus also has a branch focused on producing Boys Love Visual Novels: Nitro+ CHIRAL. Its works are listed below:

In addition, people from the company have worked on, or are credited in, other works:

Tropes pertaining to them, and their works in general:

  • Animal Motifs: Cats and Dogs, in the Chiral titles.
  • all lowercase letters : The company name is stylized as 'nitro+'. Averted in their early days, where the logo had uppercase 'N' and is referred as 'Nitro Plus' (two words), instead of 'Nitroplus' (one word).
  • April Fools' Day : They usually celebrate this every year. Highlights includes them quitting the whole industry altogether to become farmers in 2008.
  • Awesome Mc Cool Name : Some of their staff uses these kind of names as their pseudonym. Highlights includes Digitarou (their CEO), NamanikuATK (spelled 'At-ta-kai' by the way, not 'Attack'), and the above-mentioned Gun Snark. One of their staff also has 'UNKNOWN GAMES' written as part of his pseudonym.
  • Cash Cow Franchise : Currently, Super Sonico, DRAMAtical Murder, and Touken Ranbu is this trope, with loads and loads of merchandises made for them.
  • Conspicuous CG : Most of the Background/Object images in their games are CG, made by CG Studio Polygon Bangcho. The artbooks usually shows the wireframes/rough models of said backgrounds.
  • Cyberpunk : To date, they have made many works in this genre. Highlights includes "Hello, World", Kikokugai The Cyber Slayer, Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate, Psycho-Pass, and DRAMAtical Murder. Their newest title Tokyo Necro continues this tradition, which is basically Blade Runner WITH ZOMBIES!
  • Deconstruction
  • Development Hell : Most of the official english localizations of their games. Luckily Bad Export for You is avertednote 
    • Dogra Q. Announced in 2008, but has no updates since 2010.
  • Goroawase Number: 2106, which is spelled 'Nitro', appeared in SoniAni and DRAMAtical Murder (as 2106 CR-L, with CR-L as 'Chiral').
  • Magical Girl : Sumaga and Puella Magi Madoka Magica has main heroines that are these.
  • Mascot Fighter : Nitro+Royale and Nitroplus Blasterz are these
  • Meaningful Name : The current engine used for their games is called N2System. N2 is the chemical symbol of Nitrogen.
    • Super Sonico is written as 'すーぱーそに子', which could meant 'Super Sound Girl' or 'Supersonic' (as in supersonic sound). Naitou-kun, on the other hand, is derived from 'Night', although could be a derivation of 'Nitro' ('Nai' is spelled as 'Ni' in english pronunciation).
  • No Export for You : Averted, They are really open to the western market (their CEO even visited Anime Conventions in the west for market research), Zoku Satsuriku no Django was even developed with the western market in mind, not to mention that their CEO once expressed an intent to adapt Saya no Uta into, of all things, a Hollywood Movie. However, most official localizations of their titles are plagued with Development Hell that sometimes are in the same level as Valve
    • The Chiral titles haven't been considered for official localizations to this day, but they let their fans translate them. To this day all their main titles (sans Slow Damage) have been translated.
    • They also opened an international version for their own online store.
  • Production Posse : Hikaru Midorikawa has lent his voice to some of their works.
  • Lighter and Softer : Sumaga, DRAMAtical Murder, and Totono has visual designs and atmosphere that are this trope, but still.....
    • SoniComi is a straight example of this trope
  • One of Us : This blog post may give you an idea of this trope in full effect.
    • Their official twitter is following a comic book superhero cosplayer. Additionally on the above blog post, you can find a Loki and Thanos figure in one of the images.
    • They also collect replicas of guns.
    • Some of their Artists sometimes does fanart
    • Apparently some of their staff are currently playing Battlefield4.
  • Company Mascot : Super Sonico, for Nitro+ and Naitou-kun, for Nitro+CHiRAL, altough they aren't exactly 'company mascots'note 
    • Super Pochaco, Super Taruco and Ouka also qualifies as this, altough they are less popular.
  • Something Completely Different : SoniComi which is 100% Lighter and Softer than their other titles. Its also their first completely-3D title, before Robotics;Notes
  • Trolling Creator: Many of their staff members have a tendency to be really trollish just for laughs, Gen Urobuchi being the poster boy example of this.
  • Vanity Plate : They used one in Saya no Uta (CG Sequence of a weapon-like thing opening to reveal their logo) and Lamento - beyond the void (a shot of characters' tail followed by N+C logo)

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