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Creator: Karen Strassman

A woman who has a great variety of voices, starting from sweet, young and soft, to totally strict, to eerily evil, to breathily sexy. She's also pretty fluent in the French language. She also goes by two aliases: Kirsty Pape and Mia Bradly. She gained quite some fame when landed with the role of Kallen Kozuki.

Has a Twitter account.

Career-wise, her Texan counterpart is Tiffany Grant, as they both are known for their ability to speak a different language fluently that has a large impact in their voice acting note  in addition to their similar typecast and their recognition of fame through a mecha series. In terms of vocal range, however, it goes to Jamie Marchi. Her Japanese counterpart is Ami Koshimizu.

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alternative title(s): Karen Strassman
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