Characters: Timothy Goes to School

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    The Kids 


Played by: Austin Dilulio

The main character of the show. An excitable 5-year-old raccoon who often helps his friends with their problems. He is best friends with Yoko.


Played by: Lisa Yamanaka

A sweet-natured Japanese cat who plays the violin and is very close to Timothy. She's also Timothy's best friend


Played by: Laurie Elliott

Timothy's intelligent badger or skunk friend who sometimes knows even more than the teacher, but tends to be messy.


Played by: Max Morrow

A shy little mouse who finds it hard to talk in front of others, but has a great imagination. He mostly plays with Timothy, Yoko, and Lilly.


Played by: Alyson Court

A noisy mouse who earned the nickname Noisy Nora who tends to be a bit bossy and sulky. Nora enjoys her mother reading her stories. She has a baby brother named Jack and a sister named Kate that's about 3 years older than her. She owns a pet lizard named Norman who later in the series moves to Hilltop School in order to live in a bigger aquarium.


Played by: Mag Ruffman

A forgetful and airheaded fox who is often seen with a ribbon tied around her finger so she remembers things. Lilly moved to the neighborhood recently from somewhere down south and has her first snow day during the series. She eventually becomes best friends with Nora.


Played by: Tracy Ryan

A boisterous beaver who likes sports and is the tallest in the class, but the smallest in her family.

Frank & Frank

Played by: Darren Frost (Frank #1) and Rob Stefaniuk (Frank #2)

Twin French bulldog brothers who love playing sports and playing pranks. They like to play together and often speak in unison.


Played by: Joanne Vannicola

An arrogant raccoon who seems to be good at everything. He had a bit of a rivalry with Timothy at first but they soon became good friends. He is mostly seen with Grace.


Played by: Linda Kash

A somewhat snobby upper-class cat who likes dancing, especially ballet and figure-skating. She is mostly seen with Claude.


Played by: Susan Laney Dalton

A Spanish cat who just transferred to Hilltop School in the last two episodes and was a bit anxious to leave her mother.

    The Adults 

Mrs Jenkins

Played by: Fiona Reid

Formerly Miss Abercrombie; Mrs Jenkins is the class' fox teacher.


Played by: Jamie Watson

A cheerful beaver who is the school's janitor and bus driver. He used to be Mrs Jenkins' student back when she was Miss Abercrombie.

  • Nice Hat: He has one that he wears sometimes when driving the bus.

Miss Appleberry

A student teacher badger or skunk who sometimes appears to help out, or cover for Mrs Jenkins.