Heartwarming: Timothy Goes to School

Would you like a friend like Timothy by you're side?
For a show that tales place in a World of Funny Animals and is based on the works of Rosemary Wells. This show has tons of these moments.
  • The shows theme song perfectly sets the mood for what the viewer is about to watch. It also tells how friendly and sweet Timothy is if you had a friend like him.
  • Just about any scene in the show that features Timothy and Yoko together. Especially since Yoko liked Timothy's overalls,red shirt, and his blue and white shirt in the first episode and even told him to ignore Claud due to his arrogance. Timothy also protected Yoko from getting hit by an oncoming football and taking the push by Claud which resulted in Yoko grabbing him off the ground and asking if he's okay. It's also one of the only times where Yoko is actually mad and upset at Claude's behavior after he pushed him. They even became best friends, now that's the true power of friendship.
  • The entire first episode where Timothy is looking forward to his first day of school. First is when Timothy meets Yoko in the school bus where she says "Hello" to him while the other students in the bus are mostly quiet (except for Doris). Second is when Miss Jenkins sings their welcome song where each student says their names and introduces themselves. But the biggest is when Timothy protects Yoko from getting hit by an oncoming football. Unfortunately Claud pushes him on the ground and Yoko quickly lifts him up and tells what she thinks about Claud's behavior. Timothy agrees with her statement and the episode ends with them playing tag.
  • There's a very sweet cover to the Yoko & Friends book called "Practice Makes Perfect" where Timothy is seen behind Yoko helping her practice. Another cute cover is the "Letters And Sounds" book which features Timothy and Yoko pointing at the chalkboard at the viewer which is very similar to the original book version of "Timothy Goes To School".
  • The ending to the second episode "Yoko" where Timothy is seen trying to use chopsticks to try Yoko's sushi but Yoko teaches him how to use them. This doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny since the entire third half Timothy tries to try what each student has food from a different country but gets distracted by another tasty food. Meanwhile Yoko is later seen telling Timothy that everyone didn't get a chance to try her sushi; even calling him out. The episode ends with both of them eating sushi together. The original book version is even more cute since Timothy is seen eating Yoko's sushi and Yoko is seen eating Timothy's peanut butter and honey which they both shared; she even delightedly compares it to one of her favorite Japanese sweets. Yoko's expression when she begins eats the sushi in front of Timothy is one of the cutest expressions in the show. Timothy is also the only student who didn't tease or make fun of Yoko and her food.
    • Also this cute exchange between Yoko and her mother in the beginning of the episode when she's waking up and preparing for another day at Hilltop School.
      Yoko's mother: Good morning my little cherry blossom. Today is a brand new day.
      Yoko: What am I going to do today? All my favorite things. And what am I going to dress today? All my favorite clothes. And what am I looking forward today? All my favorite friends! And what I looking forward to eating today?
      Yoko's mother: All you're favorite foods.
    • Let's just say Yoko's mother,Timothy's mother, and Juanita's mother are one of the sweetest and nicest mothers in a children's show/book.
  • In the episode where Hilltop School is holding a field day. In one of the earlier races, Yoko and Timothy are picked as a team. There's a cute moment where Timothy and Yoko (pictured in the illustration of this article) politely ask each other to go first.
  • The ending to "Lifesaver Lilly", where Lilly quickly takes out the class pet goldfish during a cold winter day to prevent the ice bowl from freezing which could cause the fish to die.
    • Lilly's behavior in this episode is very sweet. Especially when she clearly shows how much she cares about Goldy and tells herself that she always remember feeding her pet fish. Since she doesn't understand why she didn't get picked to take care of the fish for one day or even a week.
  • In another episode which stars Lilly called "Don't Lost It Lilly". Charles throughout the episode tries to help her remember certain things. This is especially sweet, since Charles actually talks more instead of being shy and quiet. Even though Lilly forgets to buy an ice cream for the two of them, and later buying two ice cream cones for her and Charles only for her to lick the second ice cream that Lilly was going to give to Charles.
  • In the episode "The Talent Show", after Grace sprains her leg resulting in her not performing. Timothy decides to poet her be the one that opens and close the curtains. At first Grace looks boreel but she later gets used to it and gives some advice to a few if the class mates that are performing. When curtain call begins. Timothy gives a special dedication to Grace who was given flowers. She gets very flattered and proud of the dedication and tells them that she was only working on the curtains.
  • The ending to "Shy Charles" where he rescues Timothy (Who is trapped inside the lock door) by running the school's fire drill. Miss Jenkins gives him a badge honoring Charles rescuing Timothy. Even Doris is very proud of him, when she was previously trying to pull him out the shelf during a rodeo style dance.
  • In the last two episodes where Juanita is introduced. The entire class sings the welcome song, but this time all of them are smiling and have cute expressions really showing how happy they are seeing a new student enter the class.
  • "Read Me a Story" in which Nora worries that her mom won't read to her anymore once she learns to read on her own and her mother assures her that she would miss their story time too much, and Nora suggests that they could take turns reading stories to each other once she learns to read.
  • It's really nice that Timothy is so willing to help Claude out and teach how to be a better swimmer in "Taking the Plunge," even though Claude hasn't been very nice to him in the past, and that Claude is willing to swallow his pride enough to let Timothy help him, despite generally having a reputation as The Ace, even if he does insist on keeping it secret.
  • Nora's instant forgiveness of Lilly in "The Friendship Stone" for losing the titular stone and the hug they share.
  • Mixes with Tearjerker, in "Fritz on the Move", everyone gives Fritz a goodbye present and on the bus, Timothy and Fritz promise to write to each other and share a hug.
  • Timothy's reaction to Fritz's return in "Many Happy Returns" is to run over to Fritz and hug him.