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Characters: Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
This page is for summarizing the characters in Strategic Cyborg Evangelion. Most of the original Eva characters were twisted and turned by the author beyond recognition, for better or worse. Spoilers are be present.

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Kaworu Nagisa
"Jawohl, mein Führer!"

The main protagonist of the story, Kaworu's a fourteen year old orphan who grew up without family or emotional support of any kind; all leads he has from his past is a heavily damaged photo and a 19-character alphanumeric code tattooed onto his arm. As a result, he taught himself to be self-supportive and not hang onto anyone but unlike canon!Asuka, he doesn't shut himself off from everyone but simply avoids placing too much importance in his life on others. His personality was crafted by the author to be a hybrid between canon!Kaworu and Kamina, to... interesting results: he has a pessimistic worldview that the world is a crappy place powered by Asskicking Equals Authority where everyone takes what they need from those who can't defend themselves and no one tries to change things because Status Quo Is God. He wants to change this but seeing as most people simply think he's a Large Ham nutjob, it isn't like he means it, right?

He became a pilot when Rei in Unit-00 was incapacitated by Sachiel; Kaworu commandeered the Eva and defeated the Angel. He was then taken into custody by Section 2 and introduced to Yui who basically blackmailed him into testing Unit-01 for her.

  • Action Survivor - As Asuka points it out, it's not competence or Plot Armor that makes him survive Angel battles but pure, sheer luck. And a heaping help of improvisation.
  • Adaptational Badass - He's considerably more of a fighter than in canon.
  • The Alcoholic - He's a heavy drinker but somehow never gets drunk, no matter how much alcohol he consumes. He gets away with it only because Yui told him not to even try Drinking On Duty.
  • A-Team Firing - His aptitude with firearms is absolutely abysmal. When not using the Spear of Longinus, that is.
  • Badass Bystander - Against Sachiel.
  • Bilingual Bonus - He's fluent in German.
  • Chaste Hero - He's essentially the Spear Counterpart to Innocent Fanservice Girl, casually telling Rei to Please Put Some Clothes On without any hint of embarrassment or arousal.
  • Do Not Taunt Cthulhu - Even after witnessing Sachiel administering a beatdown to Rei and having only sat in Unit-00 for a few minutes, he relentlessly calls the Angel out on all the pain and destruction it caused. Sachiel is understandably pissed... before Kaworu starts backing his words with the Eva's fists, demonstrating that the Angel is actually much weaker than it looks.
  • Gadgeteer Genius - He has small-current electronics as a hobby and even built a tripwire-controlled nailgun to keep intruders out of his room.
  • Giving the Sword to a Noob - Unlike Rei, Kaworu has no piloting skill or experience at first but Yui still recruits him because He Knows Too Much and killing him to plug in a security leak would be a waste.
  • Heroic Albino
  • I Shall Taunt You - To Sachiel. And it actually works; as it turns out, Angels are just as vulnerable to psychological warfare as humans.
  • Knight Templar - He's not at all squeamish about getting his hands dirty, to the point where he gives Sachiel a brutal beating while calling out all the death and destruction it caused before killing it, all without being prompted to do so.
    • In fact, the second chapter draws explicit parallels between him and Adolf Hitler.
  • Locked Out of the Loop - Yui, Lilith, Adam and Sanada all know something about him but keep it a secret.
  • The McCoy
  • Messy Hair - As in canon, aided by the fact that he used to be a street kid until shortly before the story begins.
  • Mysterious Past - Not only he doesn't have any family, he's suffering from amnesia and doesn't remember anything from his childhood.
  • Never Gets Drunk - He can down an entire bottle of vodka in a single swig and suffer no ill effects. In fact, he uses alcohol in place of coffee to wake himself up.
  • Never Hurt an Innocent - His Berserk Button.
  • Not Quite Human - His DNA doesn't quite match up with that of a baseline human. His alcohol and infection resistance is also far beyond normal.
  • Parental Abandonment - He used to be an orphaned street kid before coming to Tokyo-2 and according to Yui, there are no records of his parents whatsoever.
  • Scannable Man - Not a barcode but he has a serial number tattooed onto his arm.
  • Screw Destiny - He's an atheist precisely because he hates being controlled by a higher power. If only he knew about the G-Man...
  • Stone Wall - His task in the team is keeping the enemy's attention on himself.
  • Time Abyss - Chapter 15 confirms that Kaworu is still very much alive in 3071, albeit weak and confined to a medical pod.
  • Unskilled, but Strong - Aside from some streetfighting experience, Kaworu is a complete amateur when it comes to combat.

Rei Ikari

Rei is Kaworu's classmate and Yui's adoptive daughter. People find her somewhat strange and that's not due to her author-induced Xenafication. The author's reasoning behind this is an experiment about how Rei would grow up if she would preserve her original personality without Gendo's influence. The result is a Rei who moves from team cannon fodder and walking fanservice to being a highly competent pilot but having serious abandonment issues due to Yui rarely spending any time with her outside work. Just as her canon counterpart, she rarely interacts with others (though this time around, she does so because she honestly doesn't give a damn, not because she was told not to) and even admits that she's an existential nihilist.

Another of her traits unique to the fandom is the lots of weaponry she carries on her person, even firearms; she's a scarily good marksman. She's been working for the AEL for an unspecified length of time.

Asuka Langley Shephard
"What an idiot..."

The newest member of Kaworu's class, Asuka instantly develops animosity with Kaworu, seeing him as a Wide-Eyed Idealist who needs to have his eyes opened before he falls flat on his face. She never spent lots of time in any of her previous schools as she moved around a lot. Unknown to everyone in the class, Asuka is a highly proficient battleframe pilot and hand-to-hand fighter with ambitions of following her father's footsteps and enlisting as she comes of age; her expertise is what got her recruited by Yui. Also, Asuka is the youngest of the pilots.

Her backstory was revealed late in the first season: two year-old Asuka and her mother was on a business trip in Europe when they found themselves in the middle of a terrorist attack. In the confusion, Kyoko was shot right in front of Asuka and bled to death while clutching her daughter. This scarred Asuka's mind to the point that even after she stopped having nightmares, she's now hell-bent on tracking down the ones responsible and getting revenge no matter what.

  • Ace Pilot - A mixture of Steamroller and Plugger. Her exact role in the team is to execute repeated flanking attacks from range.
  • Badass Normal - So far she's the only pilot who appears completely ordinary, yet kicks ass just as much as the others.
  • Bayonet Ya - She's pretty skilled with a bayonet.
  • Bi the Way
  • Child Soldier - Kinda. She started her combat training before she even began puberty but hasn't seen live combat until the story begins.
  • Counterattack - Her favorite tactic if forced into close combat: invoke The Law of Diminishing Defensive Effort to cause the enemy to tire themselves out and make a mistake she can exploit, then hit back hard.
  • Covert Pervert - She's repeatedly shown gleefully peeping at a naked Rei with implications that she's... having fun while doing it.
    • Confirmed in chapter 13 where she masturbates while fantasizing about Mari.
  • Good Bad Girl - She dated several guys before but never went all the way. On the other hand, she's bisexual and is a Covert Pervert.
  • I'll Be in My Bunk - Asuka is confirmed to be consciously invoking this on girls with breasts larger than hers.
  • Lethal Chef - Outright stated by her father.
  • Meganekko - Subverted: she has mild hyperopia and doesn't actually need corrective wear per se but wears them anyway to keep her eyesight from deteriorating further. She only wears glasses at home, using contact lenses instead while in public.
  • Military Brat - Her dad is ex-USMC and currently a soldier. Asuka herself intends to enlist as well, once she comes of age.
  • Missing Mom - Killed in front of Asuka.
  • Tomboyish Ponytail
  • Tragic Keepsake - The stone she wears as pendant is implied to be Kyoko's.
  • Tsundere - Come on, Asuka isn't Asuka without this!

    AEL personnel 
Yui Ikari
"I have work to do so if you'd be so kind..."

The current chairman of the Artificial Evolution Laboratory and mother of one child. Due to differences in Evangelion technology, she didn't have to undergo a contact experiment to get the Evas operational. However, she got into a major disagreement with Gendo ten years before the story begins and they divorced, with Gendo leaving the AEL and taking most of the robotics experts with him to found Gehirn. Despite this setback, Yui took control of the AEL with an iron hand and built it up into the highly successful biotech firm some people call "the modern Black Mesa".

As the chairman of a huge company, Yui never had the time to take care of Rei who, as a result, grew up as an independent and withdrawn girl. Instead, Yui poured all of her time and attention into creating the Evangelions and doing it so good that no one outside the AEL had any idea about their or the Geofront's existence.

Adrian Shephard

Being snatched from the G-Man by Vortigaunts shortly after the Uprising, Shephard joined the Confederate army to make sure something like Black Mesa never happens again. In a few years, he managed to climb to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel while carefully hiding his involvement with HECU. After Kyoko's death, he left Earth with the intention of not returning; the Sachiel incident however prompted the army to dispatch someone to snoop around and shed some light on what the AEL is up to. Due to Shephard being considered by his superiors as somewhat of a loose cannon, he was assigned to the task with Asuka accompanying him.

He's a pretty fun guy despite the fact that he's technically in his sixties due to the G-Man's stasis putting him out of commission for 20 years.

    The Evas 
Unlike the canonverse, the SCE Evangelions don't need contact experiments to work. Using salvaged remains of the Overwatch Dispatcher, the Confederacy developed rudimentary AI technology for use on board larger spacecraft. For the Evangelions, AEL scientists write specially crafted AIs they convert into electric impulses and upload into the Evangelion's core, essentially acting as a crude substitute for a real soul.

"We have not had many opportunities for communicating in the past; now we have an opportunity to rectify that."

The AI of Unit-00. Over time, Lilith bonded with Rei as a big sister and is the only person Rei ever considered to be her friend.

"Questions flow like water from the depths of the curious mind. [...] I was searching for ways to better serve the purpose which I was created for; for without purpose, our existence is nil. Purpose is that which creates us and binds us to existence, that which guides us in life, that which defines the part of us that makes us."

Adam is a more newer creation and barely interacted with humans before being put into cryofreeze. After his assignment to be Kaworu's partner, he rapidly starts forming his own personality which is quite similar to Lilith's.


Sekhmet is Unit-02's AI. Unlike her fellow Evangelions, Sekhmet is completely, totally insane and not in a good way: she herself says that since she's a weapon made to kill and destroy, she might as well have fun while fulfilling her purpose. It certainly doesn't help that she's praising Khorne while working.

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