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Funny: Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
SCE IS much more lighthearted than both of it's parent series. Especially due to the amount of Narm being thrown around by Kaworu.

  • Kaworu complaining to Yui that he saw much more of Rei than he intended.
  • Unit-01's first mobility test. Kaworu trips and headbutts the wall, after which the Eva is rubbing it's head.
  • Kaworu's battle with Shamshel is full of these.
    • Shephard almost throws a fit when it's revealed that Kaworu doesn't know how to use a gun.
    • Kaworu's lesson on how to ambush an Angel: he jumps out from behind a building, yells "surprise" at the top of his lungs before opening fire.
    • Kaworu attempts to counterattack Shamshel by spinning around on his landspinners... only to fail epically and crash into a building.
      Shamshel: Were you truly expecting that to work?
      Unit-01: (shrugs) Nope. But it was worth a try.
  • In the Ramiel battle Rei's shot is being blocked by Kaworu trying to use Unit-01 and himself as a Human Shield to protect her so she gets it out of the way by kicking the back of it's head with a several ton fusion reactor.
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