Characters / Spirit of Redemption

Note the Names in " " are Squad names

    Spectres and family 

Commander Lilitu Shepard

Garrus "Archangel" Vakarian


  • Jack-of-All-Stats: doesn't have the specialized abilities of the other Rachni spectres but was strong enough to take down a Reaper from the inside with little help.

Sam "Orpheus" Jaworski

Dara "Frejya" Jaworski

Sam's daughter. Worked as an Intern under Mordin Solus before going on to become a combat medic. During her internship a Krogan came in with a severed arm and was in full blood rage mode, to calm him down she grabbed his arm, waved it in his face, punched him, and told him to sit still and shut up while it is sown back on.

Rinus Velnaran

Oldest nephew to Garrus, was on leave between boot camp and first deployment when the Reapers invaded. Fought for 10 mins with a shotgun next to Shepard and Garrus while they were visiting to meet Mr. and Mrs. Vakarian. Went on to be a Centurion (Turian Rank of Sergeant) in charge of the weapons crew on a Normandy-class ship.

Rellus Velnaran

Rinus' younger brother, about to leave for boot camp at the start of the fiction, Goes from O1, Lieutenant, to O4, Commander, in just under 5 years.

Eli "Tyr" Sidonis

Lantar Sidonis' step-son looks up to his stepdad greatly. He goes into the Turian Miltery and becomes an MP then a member of the C.I.D.(Detective). After leaving the military he goes to work at B-Sec where he and Lin meet Fors Luka.


  • Butt-Monkey: All sorts of bad things happen to him and his knee. Only the latter is joked about, though.


  • Elemental Powers: Can superheat, supercool or liquefy objects by biotically agitating their molecules.


The first Rachni to ever undergo surgery as well as the first to be chipped to a NCAI. Is Sky's son from his mating with Bargain-singer the Rachni queen who acts as Counselor.



Test subject from a Cerberus Super Soldier program. Was rescued thanks to the data Katsumi stole back from Hock in Mass Effect 2.

A Fully male Asari raised by his Turian "father"


A Rachni Brood warrior who ends up replicating mass relay travail as a biotic ability.

     Non Spectre Protagonists 



Aria T'Loak

Ruler of Omega

Lina Vasir