Funny / Spirit of Redemption

  • Laetia explaining why Dara is feared, even among Normandy-class AI.
    "I'd offer you a nice friendly wrist-clasp, but you might damage yourself again, and then Dr. Velnaran will find some way to take it out of my hull. I have no idea how, but she assures me she can find a venipuncture site on anyone of any species now, and I'd really prefer her not to try to find one on me. Especially since I think she'd start in the hydraulics system and work her way up."

  • Eli after the events on the Singing Planet.
    "You know, I woke up this morning, and it was a perfectly normal morning for a Spectre. Alien space craft, beatiful damsel in peril, couple of simple missions, drop off the quest item, make sure the damsel's wound is healed, finish the scort quest for the spider-king, and then go home, you know? And by the end of the day, I've apparently not quite had sex with the entire planet, the damsel has turned half rachni, and I'm encouraging my best friend to marry my wife." Eli held up a finger. "None of this was in the Spectre handbook, I would like to point out."