Awesome: Spirit Of Redemption

  • Just the fact that this is a 3.4 million word story that was written in 21 months by a single person. HOLY SHIT.

  • The Relay 217 Incident is a sequence of awesome, involving a ship flying backwards through a mass relay and the Rachni essentially saying "UR DOIN' IT WRONG" to the Batarians and their biotic ship weapons.

  • This is topped by the offscreen one during the reaper war; The rachni HELD A FREAKING REAPER IN PLACE while the other fleet's trashed it.

  • Shepard raised her hand. "I have one important question."
Are the Reapers coming? "Precisely." We don't know. But what I do know, is that if they are coming? There's only one relay left that they can enter this galaxy through. The super-relay EDI and I found, so long ago. . . . . if it's another galaxy completely controlled by the Reapers I think we owe THEM an invasion or two, don't you?
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