Heartwarming: Spirit Of Redemption

  • Chapter 162: Seige, a geth, when holding a baby asari " We want one"
  • Eli trying to be a 'father' to his rachni queen 'daugther'.
  • Zasha during the shopping spree she went after she discovered that she wasn't going to die when out of her envirosuit.
  • Dara offering to be a surrogate for Zasha and Dempsey.
  • Ellie pretty much ordering Lantar to get married to her and that this time they would do it right.
  • Eli giving a 'mission' to a kid at the end of the Omega campaign during the yahg/batarian war.
  • The realization that Dara had so much charisma during boot camp that her entire squad (aprox 80 people) was ready to step in during her fight agaisnt Leodorus.
  • Rel trying hard to meet Seheve in the middle, specially when he was trying to propose to her. Seheve's thoughts during the whole thing just made it better.

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