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Characters: Overlady
This page details the characters in Fanfic/Overlady and how they differ from their canon equivalents.

Louise de la Valliere

The daughter of two Heroes, Louise has a quite unexpected natural talent at Evil. Perhaps that's because of the way that every single relative on her father's side, apart from her father, is a depraved villain - and often very successful ones at that. Certainly her blood has passed down a natural preference for staying inside her body which most of the other villains in the world seem to lack.

Currently trying to crush the Regency Council of Tristain beneath her steel boot, as part of a secretly not-evil plan.

  • Bad Boss: She treats the minions with disgust and contempt.
  • Evil Overlord: Perhaps the cutest, shortest one currently extant in Halkeginia. Also quite naturally skilled at it.


Nasty, sinister, conspiratorial and willing to act without telling Louise, Gnarl is nonetheless vital to Louise's schemes and operations. He plays basically the same role for her as he does for the canon Overlords.

  • Affably Evil: And unusually verbose in his affability for a minion. Louise suspects he has stolen all of his race's natural intelligence.
  • Evil Chancellor: He is Louise's chief advisor, and seems quite determined that he keeps that role.

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