Characters / Drawn to Life

The characters of the Drawn To Life series.

Tropes for Raposa in general:

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     Main Characters 

The Creator and the Hero

Exactly What It Says on the Tin, the Creator is the almighty being who created the world of Drawn to Life. The hero is the Creator's presence powering a wooden dummy. Whether or not they're separate entities is unclear.

  • The Ace: Easily the best combatant and explorer in any of the games, and roughly equal with Wilfre himself as the most powerful character aside from the Creator and Mike.
  • A God is You
  • Adorkable: Can definitely be played as such with their more excitable dialogue options, and makes a habit of doing a cheery victory dance or air guitar solo after a successful mission. Or whenever they get bored.
  • But Now I Must Go: At the end of the first game (maybe), based off dialogue in the other games.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: The first game's hero has a few conversation options like this, showing that it's enjoying itself.
  • Divine Assistance
  • Gods Need Prayer Badly
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]
  • Invincible Hero: Can become this in the first game with the primary cheat code.
  • Physical God: Could be considered this, particularly with the cheat code. Wilfre in the sequel one-ups him, however.
  • Replacement Goldfish: The newly-created hero of the last game does not share its predecessor's memories for some reason or other. The raposa don't dwell on this, however.
  • The Main Characters Do Everything: Justified. As a demigod of sorts, the Hero is the only character capable of traversing the extremely hostile environments of each game.
    • Averted in the village segments. While the Hero is unquestionably the only combat-capable villager, the other raposa tend to be the ones doing their jobs. The protagonist can gather clues on Zsasha's activities, for example, but needs Cricket's help to actually track him down.
  • The Stoic: Other conversation options can tend towards this.


The mayor's daughter and future mayor of the village. She is the only one left with faith in the Creator, and that's when you answer her call and begin the game. She's not quite sure about her skills as mayor, but she has no choice but to accept it once her father dies.


Mari's best friend and a Raposa with a love of adventure. He's skeptical about you at first, but soon becomes one of your closest friends. At the end of the first game, he leaves the village, but returns anyway.

  • Goggles Do Nothing
  • Series Mascot: He's on the title drawing screen as well as the image that represents the games when one activates the DS with the games currently in.

The Mayor

The mayor of the village and Mari's father. He's among the last ones to leave the village before you begin fixing everything. He's eventually murdered by Wilfre in the endgame.


A mysterious young Raposa girl with half of her face covered in shadows. She doesn't talk very much. In the DS sequel, it's revealed that she's Mike's sister in the real world.

     Supporting Villagers in the DS Sequel 


Cindi's father. He owns the village shop.


Isaac's daughter.

Crazy Barks

A rapo who seems to think he's a dog.

Pirate Beard

A pirate Raposa found by the hero on an island. He plans to pillage the village, but settles down when he's given a place to stay. In the DS sequel, he takes the helm of the turtle ship.


A human that the hero stumbled across seemingly by accident in the first game. Not knowing what a human is, the others consider him to be an odd Rapo without any ears (their ears are all long). He comes to accept being in the village. In the sequel, it's revealed that the world is actually a fantasy of his while the real world Mike is unconscious from a coma or falling out of a tree.

  • Apocalypse Maiden: Male example.
  • Older Alter Ego: The Rapoworld version of him seems to be one of these. He's introduced as an adult computer programmer in a stylish leather jacket but in reality doesn't seem older than 10.
  • Token Human

     Other Villagers in Drawn To Life 

Farmer Brown

Chef Cookie

Tubba and Bubba


A thief that the Hero accidentally rescued from the forest. He steals from the village, but has a tendency to return items out of remorse. At the end of the first game, it turns out he was stealing to provide for a child he took in.


Navy J

A Raposa performer who is known for his songs and dance moves, but is really better at dancing more than singing.


An astrologist who left the village with his family many years ago. He'll move back in if he can have an observatory built. He knew Mari when she was a small child.

  • Brother Chuck: Only character from the original game to never appear again.



An explorer who loves to go on adventures. He's willing to give pointers to up-and-comers like Jowee in adventuring. His father did the same thing in his youth, leaving the Mayor to babysit the young Indee.

Count Choco

A Raposa vampire who can't stand the sight of blood, so he prefers tomato juice. He could just be dressing up as a vampire for fun.


Dr. Cure

     Villagers in Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter (Wii) 

     Characters in Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter (DS) 


A Raposa that wears an over-sized sock for a hat. Mari and Jowee agree to let him join their adventure, as he's trying to find his way home. He's actually Wilfre in disguise.

Mayor Rose and Miles

The mayor of Watersong and her son.


A mysterious Raposa who stole Rose's voice. He's actually Wilfre.

The Butler

King Miney

The king of Lavasteam Village, he forces everyone to work in the mines in search of Banya Crystals. He's being manipulated by Salem/Wilfre.




  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Cares very deeply for his home, so he created a council and rule enforcement system to keep everyone in line.





  • The Corruption
  • Fragile Speedster: The shadow inside Deadwood moves quickly and erratically, but it only takes 3 hits to defeat, the least of any boss in the game.
  • When Trees Attack
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: Deadwood marks the first Difficulty Spike in Drawn to Life. Deadwood spawns a continuous swarm of shadow monsters to make up for his lack of attacks, and shakes the screen from time to time, which will knock you off of him and usually down to the ground. The shadow on the inside is no joke, either, because despite only taking 3 hits to defeat, it gains Mercy Invincibility upon being hit, and it occasionally shakes the screen when it jumps from side to side.

Angler King

A giant fish monster that Wilfre unleashed to stop the Hero. It shipwrecked Pirate Beard and his crew on the level where you find them.

Giant Scorpion

A giant scorpion that Wilfre has control over.


A ghost of a Baki pirate captain whose ship is about to attack Watersong. He is the first boss in the DS game. He also has treasure hidden in every level.

  • Back from the Dead: You kill his puny, mortal form and then he comes back as a giant ghost. Though with all the other Baki ghosts flying around, his living form may have been an illusion.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: The first phase treats him like an ordinary Baki. Go nuts.
  • King Mook
  • Ninja Zombie Pirate Robot: The ghost of a pirate Baki.
  • Warm-Up Boss: Like Frostwind in the first game, his attacks are predictable and easy to dodge, not to mention he only takes 8 hits to beat.

Giant Robosa

A giant Robosa made by Key. It's actually a prototype that Salem activated when his hold over Miney had stopped.

King and Queen

A random spaceship and a tank that the hero attacks at the climax of the Space Jungle.