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Awesome: The Dresden Files
"I am somewhat flattered by how many Crowning Moments of Awesome I am credited with, and find it imperative to consider how to top the previous ones"

There are a lot of Crowning Moments in The Dresden Files, with this image depicting what most fans consider the Crowning Moment of all Crowning Moments. Unfortunately the artist forgot the one-man polka band. (see the Dead Beat entry below) Otherwise, this is what we've come up with so far.

Across Books

  • Bob, especially when you realize what he is capable of doing. Harry isn't kidding in Changes when he refers to Bob as one of the most powerful spirits he's ever met; in Changes, Bob manages to shield Murphy from the Red King's willpower. That's right, Bob has enough willpower to match the Physical God ruling over the Red Court.
  • Murphy gets at least one Crowning Moment Of Awesome per book. Highlights: not flinching to shoot down a crazy FBI man who was charging at Harry when it looked like Harry was going to fire at her, taking a chain saw to an ogre's knee, being the gunslinger in a raid of a vampire nest, and beating off the control of the king of all incubi. And that's only covering up to book six...she gets at least four in Small Favor, especially when Fidelacchius gets involved.
    • Sanya's reaction to Murphy is, in addition to being accurate, hilarious. "Tiny." * insert description of Sanya's actions here* "But fierce!" Especially in Changes, when she gets the direct aid of an archangel. Face judgment Almighty!
  • Mouse the Dog is Murphy in dog form. Twice, if you count the law maker too.
  • Everything Lara Raith has ever done. She may be a villain, but she has style. And she puts the sexy back in Evil Is Sexy. Lara has ultimate style. Most of the bad guys do. Except for the part where she disemboweled and then fucked to death her cousin after having been burnt to a crisp. That was just pure Squick-laden horror.
  • Any time a Senior Council member demonstrates why they deserve to be on the Senior Council.
  • Meta Example: James Freakin Marsters is the voice of the audio books!
  • The mere existence of Little Chicago, when one considers the requirements necessary to create it. Harry has to actually physically go out, take samples from every tree, building, and road in Chicago, and then precisely place every one of those samples into the corresponding pewter model of that object or structure, then precisely lay them out exactly as they are in the city itself. Even the tiniest mistake could throw off the entire model. Then he has to keep the model precisely up to date; every time a tree gets cut down, a telephone pole gets replaced, a street gets repaved, or a building gets remodeled he has to get a new sample. Then you throw in the complex magical side of creating the device. The sheer logistics and organization and precision required to make something that huge and complex is mind-boggling. For Harry, making it is just a "pain in the ass." The fact that he was even able to put it together, let alone make it work, is incredible.
    • To make it even more impressive, Harry can't even go near an electronic device without it catching fire or something. In other words, he did all that without the benefit of GPS or Google Maps.
      • Although Bob probably did help him a lot with keeping track of the locations that needed to be sampled.
    • "[Harry] has a voodoo doll of Chicago." —Thomas Raith, "Backup"
  • Anything Demonreach does. Anything.
  • Dragons in the series aren't just flying lizards. They're elemental forces of nature that will drive you insane with their true forms, and can eradicate a mere mortal with barely any effort. One of them brings Harry to his knees simply by casually saying his first name. Michael Carpenter? Met his wife when he killed one.
    • To put that in just a little more perspective: Jim Butcher posted on his website forum answering a question on whether Ferrovax (the Dragon) would be a match for the combined powers of the Eldest Brother Gruff and the Leanansidhe. Remember that one of those collects stoles from defeated Senior Council Wizards and the other is Mab's right hand. Ferrovax would wipe the floor with them even if they had every advantage they could bring to the table. He compared it Mike Tyson in his prime fighting a 13 year old blind girl.
    • Not that surprising when you consider the root word of his name is "Ferro" the latin name for iron.
  • A meta example for Jim Butcher himself- the fifteenth book marks the first time so far (After 14 years) that Jim hasn't gotten a book out a year after the previous one (Cold Days came out in 2012, and this one will be released in May 2014). After fourteen books. And sometimes? He's been able to put out two in one year. Round of applause for the man, ladies and gents.

Short Stories

  • Uriel, at the end of The Warrior, going through all of Harry's lesser actions throughout the story and saying how each one makes the future that much brighter.
  • Also in The Warrior, when Michael who had been crippled for a year and needs a cane to run defeats the army trained priest who wields the not working, but still sharp Fidelacchius, with his old sword and a baseball bat. Throughout the entire fight he delivers a "The Reason You Suck" Speech calling the man out on his actions and lack of faith.
    • Also counts as a meta moment of awesome when you realise that speech is basically condemning all the bad things about organised religions (militant extremism, justifying any kind of violence or discrimination by claiming it's the will of the divine) while using Michael to highlight all the good things (gaining comfort from the presence of an ineffable higher power, drawing people together and helping to give them an excuse to be kind and patient).
  • By the way, if anyone is wondering how Harry met Murphy? She leapt onto the back of a troll, and tried to choke it to death with her nightstick. Murphy rocks.
  • Even Hand. Put it this way: remember how awesome it was that Murphy stood up to "Tiny" the Gruff and stopped him dead with a legal ultimatum? Marcone does the same thing to someone ten times meaner and more powerful, and doesn't break a sweat.
    • Nevermind that, how about the fact the entire Mag incident turns out to be a dry run on how to kill Harry Dresden? Which succeeded. Which also makes it something of a meta Crowning Moment Of Awesome for Harry as well, considering that Marcone wasn't sure that would be enough to kill him until it worked on Mag.
    • Marcone and Hendricks proving that a pair of AA-12 automatic shotguns with drum magazines > an entire army of Fomor monstrosities.
    • Justine has apparently gone from being a somewhat helpless Damsel in Distress to one of Lara Raith's trusted spies/secret agents, considering that she pilfered Mag's bank account information and rescued all of his slaves.
    • And set Mag himself up to get killed by Marcone in the process.
  • In Day Off, Harry is going home from game night when he's approached by the Death Eater Wannabes for ruining their leader's bad feng shui curse. When they demand that he defend himself, ready for a magic duel (as much as they'll ever be), Harry pulls his trusty .44.
    "Wh-what?" said one of the girls, who had a nose-ring that I was pretty sure was a clip-on. "What are you doing?"
    "I'm a-fixin' to defend myself," I drawled, Texas-style.
    • I think Mouse gets one for taking on two werewolves in Mister's defense
  • A lot of what Murphy does in "Aftermath," but two in particular: first, her severe beatdown of a slimebag apartment superintendent in front of all of his tenants, then her raid along with Billy and one of the other Alphas on a minor-talent human-trafficking ring. Run by Fomorians.
  • Not in any short story, but Jim has said that the Gatekeeper is the one who took down Abdul Alhazred, and that he is the most dangerous wizard on the entire council.
  • Backup is pretty much one long, low-key one for Thomas, as he essentially follows Harry around and covers his back, even going so far as to take a direct hit from Harry while disguised as an evil sorcerer just to keep his cover.
    • Gets a continuity nod in Cold Days.

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