Awesome / Small Favor

  • How Harry escapes the second set of Gruffs. They chase him into an office building, so he goes up to the roof, and then climbs down the outside of the building, without magic. One of the three Gruffs try to emulate this, and fails. He lands on the iron shavings, nails, and staples Harry had collected as he moved through the building, then scattered on the ground.
  • Fix getting the drop on Harry and Thomas, and Thomas drawing and holding Fix at gunpoint the instant Fix drops his guard.
  • Murphy facing down Tiny the Gruff in Mac's bar. Which Mac himself agrees is pretty awesome, as he then gives her one of the best beers he's ever made in recognition of the fact that she just saw off several tons of supernatural hitman. And she did it while keeping with the rules that the supernatural community uses! Tiny is on neutral ground, but Murphy isn't bound by the same laws to not shoot Tiny in the face right there (with a steel-jacketed bullet, which would really hurt a creature of the Faerie) in the middle of Mac's pub. She is however bound to defend Harry if Tiny keeps acting aggressive.
    • And at the end of the book, Murphy drives off Deidre by drawing the Sword of Faith one inch out of its scabbard.
  • Michael Dual Wielding a broadsword and a katana against an ancient demonic entity and almost winning. And let's not forget his fight scene against the vampires in Grave Peril.
    • "I don't call him the Fist of God as a pet name, folks."
    • Not to mention he singlehandedly cleans out an entire subway terminal filled with more than a hundred hobs.
      Michael: Lava quod est sordium! In nomine Dei, sana quod est saucium!Translation 
  • The Archive fighting 8 Denarians at once, after disintegrating one of them. Oh, and she's a twelve-year-old girl. Little Miss Badass indeed.
    • And, because of an enemy spell, she's cut off from all magic except for that in the immediate area. Yes, she has almost nothing to work with, yet she uses what's lying around to kick ass.
      • To put that into further perspective, a spell is used to cut off all access to magic outside of a room barely big enough for several people (most of whom are wizards possessed by fallen angels) and she can only tap into magic in the air around her. AND SHE OWNS.
      • Don't forget that said spell is literally cast by Lucifer himself!
  • Gard, an honest-to-god Valkyrie with a capital V, flying a Huey helicopter into battle while blasting Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" from externally-mounted speakers. Even her boss is impressed.
    • And along with that, Hendricks riding shotgun minigun.
  • After being tortured by fallen angels and their psychotic hosts for an entire week, John Marcone flat-out refuses to leave his island prison first. Instead, he points to his fellow prisoner, the Archive—a twelve-year-old girl—and silently indicates that he wants her to be freed first.
  • Eldest Brother Gruff has personally killed three Senior Council Members (he wears their stoles as trophies). For reference, the weakest (or at least, the youngest and least skilled) council member currently around is Ebenezar, wielder of the Colony Drop, see Death Masks. Harry defeats him by asking him for a doughnut. Hilarious, too.
    • Its also worth pointing out that Eldest Brother Gruff obliterates the Fallen Magog, as Harry puts it, "like an uppity pixie." Not only that, but he uses an absolutely painless attack that causes beautiful flowers to grow in the wounds, which can give the impression that Eldest kills Magog using love and peace.
    • It's a particular testament to Harry's awesome when the Eldest Brother Gruff informs Harry that among the Fae, stories of his exploits are their equivalent of the Billy Goats Gruff story.
    • The younger Gruffs also have their moments, particularly the second set of brothers, who reveal they are much more Genre Savvy than most other faeries when they break out the submachineguns to go wizard-hunting.
  • Low-key in comparison, but Kincaid kills two Fallen angels with the same bullet.
  • "Lasciel's shadow doesn't live here anymore." Followed by Harry supremely pwning Nicodemus.
    • This Crowning Moment of Awesome should really be awarded not to Harry, because all he did was think on his feet, but retroactively to Lash, because it wouldn't have worked if she wasn't not there.
    • Another addition, according to Word of Jim, Nicodemus is now terrified of Harry. Let me repeat that. Nicodemus, the two thousand year old man who has been fighting Holy Knights and the various supernatural entities in the world for literally thousands of years, is now terrified of a wizard less than forty years old.
  • After the Denarian Tessa shoots his friend Michael with a machine gun as he's escaping, leaving Harry thinking that he has died, Harry quickly realizes that if he uses fire magic, the Summer Court would track him down in heartbeat, and that without his blasting rod, he would probably be unable to generate the power and precision needed to get past the defenses Tessa posses. His response? "I officially did not care," and he unleashes his fury and his will against Tessa. "Burn!" Which results in a bar of blue-white fire so dense it's nearly a solid object slamming into the Denarian, burning a hole through her, a fire far more powerful and destructive than any Harry has ever used before, with or without a blasting rod. Don't mess with Harry's friends.note 
    • Made even more awesome by Ghost Story, when Harry says that that using a spell in a language you can speak with full fluency could cause brain damage or even kill him. He's just that pissed off.
    • It was a spell stronger than any fire spell Harry had ever cast before. Which includes one powered by Summer's court fire itself. Also, it must be noted that, even without his rod (that Harry uses to be able to wield his evocations precisely) he manages to concentrate it and hit a very specific spot.
  • An incredibly subtle one comes toward the end, when Luccio is telling Harry that the Merlin wants him to stay away from the Archive. She points out that Listens-To-Winds and Ebenezar McCoy were among those who warned the Merlin that Harry would never agree to that. Also among the group of people who knew Harry would never stop being friends with the Archive? Morgan. Keep in mind the relationship between Harry and Morgan thus far has been of the sword-swinging variety, and you'll understand just how significant that is.
  • And we can't leave out that Mab took away Harry's blasting rod. Lots of Chekhov's Guns are fairly obvious, but very, very few are set up specifically by the failure to mention them.
  • Murphy manipulating the situation so that she can learn one of Marcone's secret bases to report back, right in front of Gard, who can do nothing about it.
  • Harry has learned from past adventures. When he catches Nicodemus unaware, he manages to grab Judas' noose (which protects him from everything but itself) and strangles him for long enough that Nicodemus ends up out like a candle. And the only reason he does not die is because Harry drops him out of the ship to distract Deirdre.
    • Plus, it has physical consequences even years after. In Skin Game, Nicodemus speaks with a raspy voice due to the damage he took to his throat.
  • Carol, the customer-service rep on the train station. Completely unaware of anything magical, caught in a magical crossfire, she takes care of the people around her, gathers them in one room, positions herself between them and the entrance, and starts praying—which is the only weapon at her disposal, and, given the circumstances, a pretty powerful one. It works.
  • After Harry's surprise attack fails and Tessa has him strung up for questioning we get this gem:
    Tessa: Tell me where the little girl is.
    Harry: I wish I knew. That way I could exercise free will while telling you to go fuck yourself.
  • Ivy snarking at Tessa. She's surrounded by literal Fallen Angels, with Kincaid not around and Harry trapped, and with only a limited reserve of magic-and she sasses the being who's implied to be the second most dangerous Denarian of all. Yup, she's definitely learned from Harry, all right.