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Shout Out: Small Favor
Book #10 of The Dresden Files sees the return of the Denarians, conflict with both Faerie Courts, and a hidden plot for much higher stakes than Harry'd ever suspected. Can Chicago's top wizard wisecrack his way out of this one?

  • "Faeries. Why did it have to be faeries?"
  • Thomas's remark, on the subject of Denarians, is a direct quote from Angel: "I already have one demon inside of me. What's one more?" Harry quickly corrects him.
  • The Gruffs inspired the story "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" in-universe.
    • One of them one-ups the Big Bad Wolf by smashing through a brick wall.
  • Harry calls Thomas's huge, pseudo-military Hummer "Das Truck", in a possible oblique reference to Das Boot.
  • Riding home in the back of Michael's truck, soaked and freezing, Harry starts feeling like a Charles Dickens character.
  • Re-read the scene in which Harry and Nicodemus are in the boat, then compare it with the final fight between Malcolm and the Operative in Serenity.
  • Harry calls Kincaid "Wild Bill" when the mercenary nearly gets provoked to violence by Nicodemus.
  • Murphy threatens Harry in the style of The Honeymooners after he cracks one too many short jokes.
    "Pow, Dresden. Right to the moon."
  • Toot-toot does a full-blown parody of Full Metal Jacket: "This is my box-knife. There are many who like it, but this one is mine."
    • The original quote comes from the Rifleman's Creed which apparently was/is a genuine part of US Marine doctrine. Toot-toot is probably more likely to have seen the movie though, particularly since Harry attributes it to the movie when he hears Toot-toot say it.
    • Toot-toot's "uniform" includes boots filched from a Ken doll or vintage G.I. Joe.
    • In the same scene, Harry hums "When I Wish Upon A Star" while waiting for Toot's return.
  • A serious gut wound is sealed up with superglue, with the victim mentioning that they saw it in a werewolf movie.
  • Hiding from the Gruffs, Harry recalls a scene from one of the Scream movies.
  • Talking about how The Masquerade holds up even in cities, Harry quotes William Randolph Hearst.
  • Uriel leaves Harry a copy of The Two Towers, with a significant phrase underlined.
  • Thomas refers to the White Council's attitude towards him as 'Leper, outcast, unclean', a reference to Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.
  • Harry explains that Denarians' Fallen partners are schemers that would make Cardinal Richelieu look like Mother Teresa.
  • Mab's snow-sculpture re-creation of the safe house's destruction depicts humans as the size of Star Wars action figures.
  • When Nicodemus finds his operations compromised by his habit of cutting out the tongues of his followers, Harry sighs that he didn't read the Evil Overlord List after all.
  • Harry quotes The Princess Bride: "You rush a miracle-worker, you get rotten miracles."
    • This, after paraphrasing Helen Reddy's "I Am Woman" when he got the idea for the miracle in question.
  • Faced with opponents whom Michael and Mouse can sense but he can't, Harry complains about not getting to be the Jedi.
    • He quotes Star Wars a few paragraphs later, and calls Mouse "Chewie".
  • Thinking about the gruffs' possible maneuvers, Harry guesses that one might jump clear over him Kung Fu Theater style.
  • Charity is like the MacGyver of the kitchen.
  • After a reference to the Predatornote  movies goes unnoticed by a 2000-year-old demon in Small Favor:
    "That's the problem with you immortal types. You wouldn't get a pop culture reference if it skittered up your neck and implanted an embryo down your esophagus."
  • Somehow, a collection of Calvin and Hobbes comic strips got stashed with Harry's books on Nevernever creatures.
  • Faced with the largest of the gruffs, Harry gloomily compares his circumstances to a Tom and Jerry cartoon... except Jerry is not going to win.
  • The dolphins at the Shedd Oceanarium are Pacific white-sided dolphins, not bottlenosed ... or, as Harry puts it, not "the attractive Flipper kind".
  • Bob's been talking like a pirate ever since Harry took him to see a certain movie.
    • Fleeing the island in a leaking boat, Harry starts singing "Blow The Man Down" on Bob's behalf.
  • Thomas, armed with sword and pistol, hums "Froggy Went A-Courting". Discussing the Denarians' abilities, he points out that the one he fought wasn't Superman.
  • Sanya quotes from the 1981 film Excalibur, and Harry remarks that Captain Picard was the only good thing about it besides that line.
  • Hail to the King, baby.
  • The clay model Harry gives Thomas to disguise him looks a bit like Gumby.
  • When Murphy objects to a plan on the grounds that it steps too far outside the law, Harry asks her to impersonate Sylvester Stallone's Judge Dredd role.
  • Michael says that Shiro knew swordplay like Mozart knew music. Harry gets annoyed that Michael isn't able to step in and solve the crisis in one go, like Superman would.
  • Gard misses both Harry's MC Hammer reference and his Yertle the Turtle joke.
  • The super-elaborate circle used by the Denarians to hold Ivy captive is similar to the Magitek pentacles used by Carnacki the Ghost-Finder, which also incorporated colored light, sound, and the like.
  • Harry remarks that Butters, if called in to tend the injured Kincaid, will do a McCoy impression:
    "'Dammit, Murphy. I'm a medical examiner, not a pasta chef.'"
  • Once again, the Archive is compared to Bill Mumy's character Anthony from The Twilight Zone's adaptation of "It's a Good Life!".
  • Subverted when Harry wants to quote The Bible to scold Molly, but admits he can't remember the exact words.
    • He does recognize where Nicodemus's surname of "Archleone" came from, however.
    • Later, he compares what he and the Knights are doing to the biblical Daniel entering the lion's den.
  • Harry points out that in mid-fall, a Denarian is no more immune to gravity than anyone else in the hands of Mother Earth and Sir Isaac Newton.
  • As the trouble piles on, Harry is tempted to just stay in bed and Rip Van Winkle his way past the crisis.
  • Faced with the obviously contrived tableau of Nicodemus posed with his followers, Harry undercuts their pretensions by asking if they're auditioning for Family Feud.
  • Gard has excellent timing when it comes to blaring Ride of the Valkyries as she arrives.
  • Discussing soulfire with Bob, Harry paraphrases Swamp Thing.
  • Yet again, the Water Beetle is compared to Quint's boat from Jaws.
  • The Senior Council, according to Harry, couldn't find its heart with a copy of Grey's Anatomy (no, not that one), X-ray vision, and a stethoscope.
  • Murphy quotes the same Yeats poem which Harry'd quoted back at the end of Storm Front.
  • Harry can't recall the exact phrasing, but he wanted to quote The Bible on conquering temptation by avoiding it.
  • Bandaged up after the battle at Shedd Aquarium, Kincaid looks like The Mummy's stunt double.
  • The projected soulfire-hand Harry uses to beat the crap out of Thorned Namshiel is strongly reminiscent of the Bigby's Hand spells from early editions of Dungeons & Dragons.
  • After Michael reveals that it is not Kincaid's time yet Harry 'Spocks' an eyebrow and gives him a look.
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