Tear Jerker / Small Favor

  • There's a moment near the end after Michael has been badly wounded and is in the hospital, Harry tries to leave Charity and Molly to wait for news without him, given that he thought they would be mad at him. Charity grabs him and tells him that "family stays." Given Harry's relationship with Charity (one of unmitigated disdain and distrust on her part) its pretty touching.
    • The line that always gets me is Molly going, "They hurt his heart." She's lived her whole life with her father as this invincible Knight in Shining Armor, and the realization that he's really, truly mortal is just shattering to the young girl.
  • Michael has been terribly injured and is on life support in the hospital. Harry and the patient's family are waiting for news, and the doctor comes to say they're bringing him in. And Harry and Molly, Michael's daughter have to leave the room because just their being there could mess up the equipment and kill him. Ouch.
    • Right before that, when Tessa takes the machine gun from Harry, and shoots Michael with it. He goes limp, hanging from the underside of a helicopter.
      • Which is what makes Harry's retaliation a CMOA. He knows that using fire, especially without the blasting rod, will be like a signal fire to Summer. Fuck that shit. A bar of white hot fire, straight through Tessa's buglike chest. Hell yeah.
  • The Denarians torturing Ivy.
    • Also Harry writing the letter, because he's powerless to do anything more for Ivy at the time, but still has hope of bolstering her courage.
    "I got your letter. Thank you."
    • The contents of the letter:
      You are not alone.
      Kincaid is alive. I'm all right. We're coming after you.
      Don't listen to them. Hang on.
      You are not alone.
  • "LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU!" This sentence summarizes just how much Harry values trust...and how much it hurts when his best friend Michael is giving indications that he doesn't trust Harry. You can feel the orphan's hurt in there.