Awesome / Blood Rites

  • Harry kills a Black Court vampire with a laser-guided frozen turkey dropped from an airplane passing overhead. Sure, it was someone else's curse that Harry redirected, but the end result had even the other blampires going WTF.
    "For my next trick," I panted into the startled silence, "anvils."
  • Murphy refusing to break under the White King's mind control. Granted, that doesn't seem like much in this series, but not even Lara managed to do that before Harry managed to drain his power reserves and let her in on the fact that he can't replenish them.
    • Doubles up: Harry, who had no reason to believe Murphy hadn't started to break and was really, truly, out of it, only needed two words to be bet-his-life certain that she was faking.
      "Leave me alone, Mister Dresden."
  • Awesome moment for Jim Butcher: Blood Rites has two of the best opening and closing lines in all of fiction. Opening: "The building was on fire, and it wasn't my fault." Closing: "'Hey. Why did you get large breed puppy chow?'"
  • Harry and Murphy, with a little magical help, motorcycle-joust a car loaded with Lord Raith's goons and send the car hurtling away on fire.
  • The climax, where Harry tricks Lord Raith into revealing his weakness—namely, his inability to feed due to Margaret Dresden's death curse—with Lara Raith as a witness, thereby allowing her to take over in a coup d'etat. Even Lara, no slouch at political intrigue herself, is impressed. Harry might not resort to subtlety often, but when he does he is good at it.
    Lara Raith:You've made me the cat's-paw for you, Dresden. While making me think I had the advantage of you. You've played me at my own game, and ably. I thought you capable of nothing but overt action. Clearly I underestimated you.
    Harry: Don't feel bad. I mean, I look so stupid.
    • Which is also a lovely call back to Summer Knight:
      Lloyd Slate: Spooky. He doesn't look all that smart.
      • Also a crowning moment for Margaret Dresden herself; even when she was dying, she knew exactly how to hurt Lord Raith and eventually destroy him - leaving him to starve until someone could finish the job.
  • While it's an Offscreen Moment of Awesome, Lara Raith's Rape and Revenge against her evil father and turning him into her puppet to continue ruling the White Court as she commands certainly counts.
    • Even more impressive is the effect that Lara's power has on Harry as he leaves; just the smell of her hair is very nearly enough to make him drop to the ground and crawl back, and she implies that once she really gets going, it'll get worse... and this is still only her ambient, unfocused power, against someone who still has True Love's protection.
  • Harry, Murphy, and Kincaid's assault on Mavra's base, with the likes of Kincaid's impressive moves with his spear-slash-shotgun, Harry holding on to his shield despite his hand being burned away, and Harry and Murphy using the vampires' own land mine against them. And all without any of the children they saved getting hurt.
    • The next book reveals that it was simultaneously a villainous example for Mavra herself, as she'd not only survived, but staged it all in order to collect blackmail material on Murphy.
      • Mavra gets another Villainous Example. She manages to sneak up on Harry, deliver a chilling speech about how she's been watching him for some time now, and then has two of her Renfields try to scorch Harry alive with flamethrowers, while she laughs. Harry's shield can't protect him, and he ends up with his hand near useless for years after that. Creepy awesome at its best
  • How Murphy handled Kincaid's Secret Test of Character. Harry had enough sense to step back and let her whup Kincaid's ass while he was in safe watching distance.
  • Ebenezar gets the draw on Kincaid, and reveals that he's responsible for the Tunguska Event, Krakatoa, and the New Madrid Earthquake. While that's rather sad, it also proves that the man is seriously badass.