Trivia: The Dresden Files

The books:

  • Executive Meddling: Dead Beat's necromancers were originally scheduled to turn up in book 8, with Proven Guilty as the 7th entry in the series. Mr. Butcher swapped them around when his publishers insisted that the seventh Dresden tale, being the first hardbound release, really ought to feature something "truly spectacular". Cue the zombie dinosaur.
  • One of Us: At Dragon Con 2014, Mr. Butcher said when he wanted to look up some information about his own series he will look at the Dresden Wikia and tvtropes. He compliments the tropers attention to the minute details, including the Shout-Out pages. See video here.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally, the title of Death Masks was to be Holy Sheet, but that just couldn't fly past the radar.
  • Word of God: Jim Butcher is quite often going to conventions or signings or readings, and occasionally pops into threads on his own forums, and willing to answer questions. Most of the time he gives a straight answer, it's because it's information that will not make it into the series. His forums have special sections cataloging various "Word of Jim" posts, speaking on everything from how different wizards may perceive things in the Sight (Ancient Mai might perceive a warlock as a dried out, bleached white tree, while Listens-to-Wind may perceive the same warlock as smelling foul), to characters' pasts (Ebenezer McCoy and the Merlin fought on opposite sides of the French-Indian war), to background information that would explode if Harry knew about it (Ivy's true purpose in the Oblivion War).

The series:

  • Executive Meddling: The series was going to be a more faithful adaptation of some of the first books, but two weeks before starting they got a new producer. Jim describes it better, mentioning that he has seen only part of the series once.
  • Fake American: Paul Blackthorne as Harry Dresden.
  • Fake Brit: Terrence Mann as Bob. In the DVD commentary for the series, the creators jokes that he and Blackthorne swapped accents as soon as the cameras started running.
  • Word of God: Butcher said Bob was originally killed by an axe to the head and mentions the skull prop has a hole in the back for that reason. You can see the hole in one shot during the series.