Awesome / Death Masks

  • After Red Court Duke Ortega cheated in a duel against Dresden, Ebenezar McCoy pulled a deactivated Soviet communications satellite out of orbit and dropped it on the duke's mansion. Then remember: of the seven senior members of the White Council, Ebenezar is, according to Harry, the youngest and the least skilled.
  • John Marcone, pulling a drowning Harry out of the river with the freaking Shroud of Turin. And prior to that, Marcone takes on Nicodemus, and actually manages to drive him off with concentrated fire from an AK-47. Immediately afterward, when Harry explains that Nicodemus can't be killed and can probably run faster than the train they're fighting on, Marcone's only response to glance to Sanya and ask for more ammo.
    • The "drive him off with concentrated fire from an AK-47" bit should be expanded on, as it's especially impressive. From the back of one moving train car to the next, he hits a moving target with three bursts from an AK he's never shot before, and avoids hitting the Shroud of Turin draped over his target's shoulders in the process.
    • In addition to his physical feats of badassery during the climax, when Nicodemus offers him one of the Fallen Angel-possessed coins and asks him if he wants a job, Marcone replies that he was about to ask Nicodemus exactly the same thing. The best part is, this isn't just the snide sort of joke that Harry might make; from what we know of Marcone, there was every possibility that he would have walked up to this ancient, powerful, mass-murderer who interacts with the Fallen Angels on an equal footing and asked him to come and work for him. Nicodemus is so impressed by his audacity and unwillingness to accept being subordinate to anyone that he gives the Badass Normal Don some completely sincere praise.
    • Let's talk a bit more about the "physical feats of badassery": there are four people facing Nicodemus and his goons, two of them are Knights of the Cross, one his a quite powerful wizard and the last one is our plain, vanilla Marcone. Marcone is the only one who ends the fight unscathed, and not for lack of action. His impressive shooting has already been mentioned, but after that he finds himself fighting Nicodemus from close distance and he ducks his swords, throws a knife at his face, then produces another one and starsts a short fight ending with Marcone taking the Shroud from Nicodemus and jumping off a running train without even blinking. Badass Normal indeed.
  • Harry holding up Anna Valmont with a plastic duck instead of a gun is a pretty great moment too.
  • How about Marcone, Harry and the gang riding in to save the day in Marcone's helicopter? "All we need now is some Wagner..." and Gard presses a button and Ride of The Valkyries starts playing. Definitely awesome. Made Hilarious in Hindsight when we find out that Gard actually IS a Valkyrie. That and the other helicopters Marcone provides must be from Monoc security, because the "Ride of The Valkyries" button seems to be a standard feature in all of them.
    • Even better, it's a Coast Guard helicopter. Puns are great!
  • Shiro's Heroic Sacrifice. He peacefully surrended himself to his worst enemy, accepting to be viciously tortured, to save another's life. Also, the fact that he survived a torture so bad Nicodemus thought him to be dead, silently enduring all that pain just to give one last advice to Harry and the others.
  • Also, Shiro breaking into the Denarians' hideout to save Harry. The first thing Harry notices is that Nicodemus, who hadn't been impressed by anything so far, is terrified. And is proven right to be when Shiro takes out his goons and his daughter in a matter of seconds.
  • Harry, confronted with Cassius and his attempt to loophole his way out of being slain by the Knights of the Cross by surrendering and sarcastically promising to repent, responds to the mockery by breaking his kneecaps with a baseball bat.
    "Fortunately for you, they [the Knights] are good men. Unfortunately for you, I am not."
    • Then he drops a quarter on the ground and tells the guy the nearest payphone is across the parking lot through broken glass. What Harry knows, and Michael later points out, is that phone calls no longer cost twenty-five cents.
  • The Archive, slaughtering a half-dozen Red Court vampires using a chunk of pure anti-life. Then she comments that it's past her bedtime.
  • Gentleman Johnny Marcone in general. All the things on the Tear Jerker page and all of Marcone's actions here are what finally cement Marcone as the Hero of Another Story.
  • Susan beating the crap out of a Denarian, in the first time we get to actually see her vampire powers.
    • And not just any Denarian, but Deirdre, probably the most out-and-out lethal fighter they have.
  • When faced with an enemy that is wearing Judas' noose, which makes him immune to any physical harm, what better course of action than to strangle him with it?