Heartwarming / Death Masks

  • This is the book where we are first introduced to The Archive. Although she's an seven-year-old girl, she's got the sum total of all human knowledge and wisdom, as well as the collective life experience of every Archive before her. She proceeds to unnerve Harry with her maturity and power despite looking like she could almost be his daughter. But when she sees Mister, Harry's cat, she squeals "KITTY!" like a little girl should and starts playing with him.
  • Marcone's visit to the hospital where "Persephone" is being cared for. He brings her a teddy bear, reads to her from a book for an hour, and then lays the Shroud of Turin over her. The clincher is at the end, as Harry is watching.
    I hadn't ever pictured John Marcone praying. But I saw him forming the word please, over and over.
  • Shiro lies tortured, broken, dying, his life taken to fuel a monstrous curse, his blood defiling the airport chapel. But the Denarians couldn't take his dignity, nor his purpose.
    "Remember. God sees hearts, boy. And now I see yours. Take itnote . Hold it in trust until you find the one it belongs to."
  • The very last lines. "I took Susan's picture down. I put the postcards in a brown envelope. I picked up the jewel box that held the dinky engagement ring I'd offered her, and that she'd turned down. Then I put them all in my closet. I laid the old man's cane on my fireplace mantle. Maybe some things just aren't made to go together. Things like oil and water. Orange juice and toothpaste. Me and Susan. But tomorrow was another day."
  • Ebenezar Mc Coy going all Papa Wolf and dropping the satellite on Ortega. Mess with Harry, and Ebenezar will end you.