Awesome / Ghost Story

  • One for Harry, Molly, and Lea at the same time: about half-way in, Molly is fighting a losing battle against Fomor servitors, then Ghost!Harry possesses her body to dish out some heavy pain, and just as he is being overwhelmed, too, Molly casts an illusion of The Cavalry, forcing the attackers to flee. And then, it turns out that they have both been manipulated by Lea as part of her Training from Hell.
  • Immediately after the above, a sort of meta one. Molly explains to Harry just why Chicago has gone to hell.
    Molly: You could find anything in this town, but you never even noticed the shadow you cast. Every time you defied someone, every time you came out on top against things you couldnít possibly have beaten, your name grew. And they feared that name. There were other cities to prey onócities that didnít have the mad wizard Dresden defending them. They feared you.
  • Harry leading a platoon of insane killer ghosts to storm the Omaha Beach protected by Bob's Nazi Evil Twin. That is effing all.
    • Here is a quote anyway, just to give a taste: "The enemy fought at first, and those who did died swiftly. As more and more hideous things dealt with the wolfwaffen, their morale faltered and they began to run. Those that did died horribly. And, toward the end, overwhelmed by terror, a handful of the enemy could only stand, staring in horror, and screaming high and piteously. Those last few died indescribably."
  • Molly fighting a flying zombie worm aboard Enterprise, complete with a crew of Molly lookalikes wearing uniform miniskirts. Also The Kirk!Molly fights The Spock!Molly over a Self-Destruct Mechanism (and The Kirk wins, of course).
  • During a meeting between Murphy and her various allies, their White Court contact learns that Murphy is now custodian of two of the Swords. She makes Murphy an offer so that the White Court won't "learn" about this: let her feed on Murphy. Murphy presents her counter-offer: a Pistol-Whipping, followed by smashing her face against her coffee table, and leveling a gun at her and promising to kill her if anyone from the White Court so much as blinks at the Swords. Needless to say, the vampire agrees with the terms. The icing on the cake is Harry and Sir Stuart's commentary at the end:
    Sir Stuart: Oh, my. I can see why you'd come to her for assistance.
    Harry: Damn skippy.
  • We've always known Bob was a powerful spiritual entity, and he did a damned good showing while shielding Murphy from the Red King in Changes, but in Ghost Story, we see what he can do in a spirit-on-spirit struggle when a trio of ghostly predators are trying to eat Harry alive. They get ''massacred'' by Bob, who pounds them into ectoplasmic mush with about as much effort as Ferrovax dropping Harry or Eldest Gruff killing Magog.
    • Which also ups the awesome factor to eleven when Harry goes toe to toe with Bob's Evil Twin.
      • Bob's Evil twin, who was composed primarily of the knowledge of destruction and death magic collected by the incarnation of Bob that worked for one of the worst dark wizards in history. This means that while Bob may have more knowledge/power, Evil Bob had more combat oriented knowledge/power, which arguably makes Evil Bob much stronger in the ass-kicking department than Dresden-Bob, which ups the awesome factor again.
  • Mortimer Lindquist's Big Damn Heroes moment as he comes at Corpsetaker with all the wraiths that she had left behind in the pit with him.
    Mortimer: But it seems to me, you half-wit, that you probably shouldnít have left a freaking ectomancer a pit full of wraiths to play with.
    • Ghost Story will forever be remembered as "The Book Where Morty Got Dangerous".
  • The ending, where Harry tells Mab herself that his soul is his own. The Winter Queen can hurt him, but she will never own him, and he's taking care of the job his way. The delivery, coupled with the sheer obstinate defiance that is Harry Dresden's trademark, makes it the most epic telling-off since Harry sending Mavra scurrying away in Dead Beat.
    • Complete with Badass Boast about just what he'll be up to as the Winter Knight:
    Harry: I will be the Winter Knight. I will be the most terrifying Knight the Sidhe Courts have ever known. I will send your enemies down in defeat and make your power grow. But I do it my way. On my terms. When you give me the task, Iíll decide how it gets done ó and youíll stay out of the way and let me work. And thatís how itís going to be.
  • When Lea can't tell Harry who killed him, she says this:
    Lea: Your killer was but the proxy of another being, and one mightier and more dangerous than he.
    • It's badass because Harry set up his own murder with Kincaid before making the deal with Mab. Kincaid, a centuries old, half-human and half something very badass assassin also known as The Hellhound, is less badass than the mortal who's probably only in his mid-30s. To paraphrase Pulp Fiction, Kincaid is a race car in the red, while Harry is a mushroom cloud laying motherfucker, motherfucker.
      • What's so awesome about it is that it actually works on two levels. Kincaid is is someone Harry knows, someone for whom his death is but one of many, and someone who was the proxy of someone more powerful than he. Harry, who hired Kincaid is that same person for The Shadow, possibly the true Lasciel. Proxies within proxies. So there's a mushroom cloud laying motherfucker laying out more mushroom clouds, motherfucker.
  • Daniel's knife fight with Aristedes. A normal human boy lacking the faith powers of his father and the magic of his sister goes toe to toe with a magically fast sorcerer he loses, but that doesn't detract from the fact that it took balls and the fact that he actually hurt the guy
    • Also, Butters' anatomy lesson during the same fight:
    "That sound you just heard was your lateral collateral ligament and anterior cruciate ligamate tearing free of the joint. It's also possible that your patella or tibia was fractured. Get rid of the knife, or I start on your cranium."
  • "Be." Harry gathers all of his magic to allow himself to manifest, which only works for the ghosts who are either insane or insanely motivated. Whether Harry is a lunatic or just incredibly determined, it works.
    • Given that it's Harry, the answer is almost certainly both.
  • One for Captain Jack: he lies to Harry about three of his friends being fated to die. Sure, they're in danger, but only in the sense that they're Harry's friends so of course they're in danger. And then when Uriel calls him on it, he hangs up on him. Also a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • And one for Uriel, with his seven whispered words.
    Uriel:Lies. Mab cannot change who you are.
  • The moment — the exact, specific moment — when young Harry stops being a scared, helpless teenager and starts being Harry Blackstone Copperfield Motherfucking Dresden:
  • A Servitor is approaching a weakened Molly, whose illusions have all been disbelieved. Harry taps into her and casts a wall of fire in front of the servitor, who assumes that it's just another illusion and walks right into it. Harry reminds everyone that, for the most part, he sucks at subtle stuff like holomancy.
    Harry: I am, however, reasonably good with fire.
  • During his fight with Evil Bob, Harry has what could be described as a Face Realization. He remembers that all throughout his life, he has been averting the He Who Fights Monsters trope. Time and time again, he had battled evil without becoming it. Sure, he may have stepped over the line at the very end, but,
    Harry: "One mistake at the end of my life couldn't erase all the times I had stood unmoved at the edge of the abyss and made snide remarks at its expense. They could kill me, but they couldn't have me. I was my own."