Nightmare Fuel / The Dresden Files

For books known primarily for over-the-top awesomeness and hilarious narration, The Dresden Files can be downright horrifying at times.

  • Harry's frequent soliloquies about the true nature of the Crapsack World of the Dresdenverse bear mentioning, as he is frequent to point out how vast and unknown the world really is and perhaps even more disturbingly, how good we are at simply ignoring it. The basic premise sums it up best. It's a big world out there and humanity is nowhere near the top of the food chain.
    • And it's not even merely indifferent, it's petty. People get singled out to be prey simply because they break some rule of etiquette they had no reason to know existed, or tried to help the wrong person, or accepted an agreement without considering its Exact Words, or because of who their ancestor was. Or hell, they might not even have done anything at all and they just happened to be good looking enough to attract the wrong sort of attention. And all of this is perfectly legal under the Unseelie Accords, which don't even pretend to be fair or well-meaning in any way.
  • The White Council's stance on dark magic. Doesn't matter how minor or what good intentions you used it for or even if you knew that you were breaking a law to begin with. You'll end up somewhere with a hood over your head as they prepare to chop it off. No trial involved what so ever. What makes it especially bad is that in Molly's case is that the Merlin would have done it to simply spite Harry, and, if Michael hadn't arrived in time, he would have walked in on his daughter being executed (though being a Champion of God makes you king of nick of time rescues.)
    • What's worse? The history of Black Magic is one long case of proving them right. Despite the fact that she knows it would get both her and Harry executed, Molly is still far too eager to invade people's minds and mess around inside them. Both world wars might have been averted, or at least reduced, if they got to Kemmler early on in his career.
  • The White Court, especially the Raiths. They can rape you to death, and make you like it. Yeah.
    • Death by snu-snu just became a whole lot scarier.
      • We see Thomas doing this in Backup. It's not pleasant.
      • Thomas is undoubtedly one of the friendliest of vampires. So whenever Thomas is pushed into unleashing his inner demon he wouldn't contain it until it is well fed.
  • Also the Red Court, horrible rubbery drooling bat-monsters.
  • The love spells in Love Hurts. Particularly the one that caused the brother and sister to fall in love.
    • Even worse: given how it was distributed, there's a significant chance of catching a parent-child pair as well.
    • Let's hope to God the Tunnel had a minimum height requirement...
  • The Walkers: He Who Walks Behind, He Who Walks Before and (if the formula sticks) He Who Walks Beside. More specifically the implications of their names. Who or what exactly are they walking Behind, Before and Beside?
    • This question has been answered, to a point: "Before" refers to its position of leadership, it spearheads the attacks on the gates of reality and marshals the forces of the outsiders etc. "Behind" seems to refer to the creature's position as a schemer, it is 'behind' things like Dresden killing Justin Du Morne. What this says about the agenda of the walkers is fridge horror in itself, because Harry's increasing power and control of demonreach may all be part of the Outsiders' plan as much as or more than anyone else's.
    • For bonus points, there is also a literal interpretation (Outsiders seem to be bound to their True Names more tightly even than the fae): You. Whenever He Who Walks Behind manifests, he is literally right behind you, where you cannot see him.