Awesome: Saint Seiya

  • Some awesome music has been created for the series. There's the fan cover of Soldier Dream featuring Yama-B (ex- Galneryus, Gunbridge) and Rodrigo Rossi of Opus V, and then there's the official song of the 2014 CG movie, Hero, composed and performed by none other than Yoshiki Hayashi.
  • Dragon Shiryu gets his Moment of Awesome during his fight with Gold Saint Cancer Deathmask. After he uses his telekinetic powers to grab Shiryu's adoptive sister and possible love interest Shunrei and throw her into the Rozan cascade, a practically dying and zombiefied Shiryu makes the biggest come-back ever from the literal gaping mouth of Hell, glowing cosmos and Rousing Speech included as he beats the freaking crap of Deathmask, while at the same time asking him why he tried so hard to push his ONLY Berserk Button. Then, as Deathmask tires to go to the counterattack, he finds out that his own armor is so ashamed of his owner's evil actions that it refuses to protect his body, which lets Shiryu kill him.
  • You think Andromeda Shun is a wimpy, waifish, whiny boy? In one of the earliest episodes of the Sanctuary Saga, the Dark Knghts mini-arc... When his Evil Twin of sorts Black Andromeda has both him and a poisoned, dying Seiya against the ropes (one extreme of Shun's Adromeda chains is keeping Seiya from falling off a cliff, the other serves as Shun's only defense against Black Andromeda's chains that turn into poisonous snakes) and Seiya pulls a sort-of Heroic Sacrifice by cutting the chain wrapped around his arm and letting self fall, Shun gets pissed off and tells Black Andromeda that upsetting him is an error. The next moment? The Andromeda chains attack at full force, destroying the serpents *and* instantly killing Black Andromeda.
    • Shun has a second one when he fights Aphrodite and reveals his wind powers for the first time, and we discover that whilst for every other Saint their armour is an amplifier, for Shun it's a safety cut-off, he can actually be much MORE powerful when not wearing the armour.
      • Debatable on why it was a bad idea: there's the chance he had awakened his Seventh Sense before the series started and got scared by his own power, using the armour as a safer option. Without those he had to surrender or cross the Godzilla Threshold, and as surrender was not an option he finally unleashed his Seventh Sense and his wind powers.
    • Shun's third CMOA comes in the Poseidon arc. When facing Scylla Io, the marina general used an attack that was actually six in one on a "low" setting to taunt him. However, since It Only Works Once and Shun's chains are stated as early as the first tournament arc as being hyper adaptive to enemy attacks, Shun proceeds to counter each of his attacks differently, destroy his armor, and bind him in chains.
    • Aaaaand Shun has a fourth one when he is pretty much Hades's vessel, but manages to actually throttle Hades from within his body to give his brother Ikki a chance to kill them, and end any chance of Shun's body being used for evil. Too bad Ikki couldn't take it.
  • Cygnus Hyoga is walking Awesome already, but the particular example comes in his rematch with Gold Saint Aquarius Camus: After having his own Bronze Cloth frozen and shattered into dust by his master, Hyoga counters Camus' ultimate technique Aurora Execution with his own, projecting his cold Cosmo even after falling unconscious in his battle stance. Even Camus realizes the astonishing drive in his student's heart before falling over, frozen to death.
  • Saori Kido/Athena, always reviled by "feminist" fans for being more of a mentor and Team Mom with Healing Hands, gains a pretty good one in the anime when she uses her cosmo to disrupt Virgo Shaka (the most powerful psychic among the Golden Saints, alongside Aries Mu) and block him from assisting his disciples Agora and Shiva, who are fighting Ikki to keep him from joining the fight in the Sanctuary. And she does this while having her chest pierced by a Golden Arrow. Wow.
    • A more subtle one, overlapping with Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: when after she and Seiya take a Suicidal Gotcha to escape Shaina and another Silver Saint anf gain time, she faces a very upset and jealous Shaina with all the tranquility of the world, ignoring her insults and pretty much telling her "I cannot fight, yes, but no way I'm abandoning Seiya after he got himself almost killed for me". This is a sweet girl without any fighting skills, who is facing a very arrogant and strong Dark Action Girl without even batting an eyelid, in a situation where almost any other girl would faint out of fear. That proves that Saori's got huge balls, erm, Boobs of Steel, dammit.
      • Even more meaninful when you recall that one of Shaina's insults was asking Saori "Where did you learn to do that?!" when she caught her leaning on Seiya to kiss him. Yeah, Shaina basically slutshamed Saori. And yet Saori didn't take the bait.
    • A couple more at the beginning of the Asgard filler arc. The Brainwashed and Crazy Polaris Hilda attacks with a a lightning powered silver bolt. Cue all the Bronze Saint jumping out of the way, and when it seems that Saori is going to be hit she calmly unleashes her own golden bolt attack to protect herself. A little later, while Saori is acting again as a Barrier Maiden to prevent the northern ice cap to melt due to Hilda neglecting her duties, the God Warrior Thor attacks her with his Mjolnir (which is basically a double axe that works as a boomerang). The blade comes a hair width from Saori's throat, and then gets pushed back to the sender by her cosmos. Thor himself is impressed and says "she really deserves being named Athena". And in both moments, Saori does this without even batting an eyelid.
  • Pretty early in his career (episode 5, to be exact), Seiya punches Shiryuu so hard that Shiryuus heartbeat stops. And then, despite being terminally wounded, punches him again to restart Shiryuu's heart.
    Seiya (almost collapsed due to blood loss, pretty much about to miss): No... I never wanted the fight to be like this... I'm not letting him die... not... die... DRAGON! YOU WIL NOT DIEEEEEEEE!!!
  • Ikki's first and most extreme Curb-Stomp Battle. Wolf Nachi confronts him and prepares to fight, but Ikki just raises his punch near his forehead and Mind Rapes him, before making him fall with a poke. To add to Ikki's awesomeness, he did all of this without even looking.
    • Let's not forgot Ikki taking on Seiya, Hyoga, Shun and Shiryu at the same time in the 1st arc of the manga. It takes Seiya being protected by The Sagittarius Gold Cloth, Shun's Chains, Shiryu's shield and Hyoga's ice to bring him down.
    • While we're talking about Ikki. His return in the anime against the Saint of Fire. The Saint fought Shun, seeing that his chains were too good of a defense to defeat him, he engulfed him in fire and waited. The gigantic fire actually resurrected the Phoenix. The Saint of Fire tries using fire against Ikki cue Mind Rape.
  • Seiya vs. Misty in the manga because the closest Seiya gets to a deus ex machina finale is that his armor is brought to him just at the start of his first fight with Misty. The second fight features him throwing a 'Comet' bunch, snapping Misty's armor, followed by throwing back Misty's signature move then finally grabbing him and torpedoing him to the bottomo of the sea and finally wining.
  • The Italian dub in general. They had to convey the same sense of awe and mystery Classical Mythology did with the Japanese and being hammy with viewers that are both extremely familiar with Classical Mythology and from the hammiest people in the world. They succeeded.
  • While in the Anime, Marin is considered a Faux Action Girl. This doesn't stop her, not at all from curbstomping the Psychic Silver Saint Canes Venatici Asterion. Note Canes effortlessly defeated Seiya with his Million Ghost Attack. Marin, who had been knocked out by the physically stronger Silver Saint Cetus Moses regains conscious, proceeds to save herself from the inverted crucifix she's put in, and then proceeds to No Sell the same Million Ghost Attack that Canes used on Seiya. She then unleashes her own original technique, Eagle Toe Flash to near effortlessly defeat Canes. Note, Canes probably predicted each move due to his telepathic powers but couldn't stop it.
    • He actually couldn't. The thing is, the second time around, Marin managed to make her mind completely empty and impervious to his mind reading powers, cue Oh, Crap reaction. Still a crowner because she could pull that after having taken a beating from Moses and being in aforementioned inverted crucifix.
  • Pisces Aphrodite in the Sanctuary Arc has one for sheer smarts: he anticipated the Saints would try and have someone keeping him busy while the other continued to run, so he planted his roses on the stairs behind his temple to act as Deadly Gas. By all rights, he had won with mocking ease. He only lost because of Marin, who then gets her moment - she appears, puts her mask on Seiya which allows him to recover from the poison even when it poisons her as well, and that gives Seiya enough time to get up and destroy the roses, clearing his path to the top.