Funny / Saint Seiya

  • Seiya desperately trying to clean his room before letting Saori pass in Episode 10.
  • Episodes 29 and 30 of the anime features Corvus Jamian. Every single scene with him is a Crowning Moment of Funny, especially in the hammed-up Italian dub.
  • Seiya trying to escape from the hospital with Miho chasing after him is quite funny. Miho CATCHING HIM and having his arms tied up so he can't escape again is hilarious.
  • Docrates, a gigantic guy looking for Seiya and cia with the Dark Saints, running away when hearing police sirens. "Oh, no! The police!"
  • Seiya freaking out when Shiryu drags him out in the Gemini Temple and his befuddled expression as his friend explains the whole thing afterwards.
  • When Seiya and Shun arrive at the First Prison of Hades’ Underworld, they are advised by a Specter mook to remain in complete silence, in order to respect Lune, the current Judge of the Dead, who hates noises. Seiya then proceeds to make lots of loud noises, like sneezing and generally provoking the mook. This is made even more hilarious in the original Manga, where he actually farts just to provoke the Specter.
  • In the anime, there's the scene where Seiya almost tells the creator of the Steel Saints's clothes that they are the chosen Saints. What makes this hilarious is Hyoga covering his mouth and yelling at him — and they're both drawn in a borderline Super-Deformed style. Stuff like that is almost never present in the Sait Seiya media, so the Mood Whiplash makes things even funnier.
  • During the Poseidon arc, when Ikki delivers his Curb-Stomp Battle against Lyumnades Kaza, he suddenly shapeshifts to Shun. It doesn't work with Ikki, who impale his fist on Kaza's chest. When Kaza ponders how did it not work, Ikki tells him that he's an idiot trying to shapeshift to someone when the real deal is nearby.
  • The Charon fight from the Hades arc provided some moments of much needed levity among the high stakes of the rest of the arc. Bonus points for Charon being knocked back into his own boat by the end of it, and singing wearily all the way back across the Styx.
  • When the Bronzes first meet Zelos:
    Zelos: Do you know what happens to those who hurt me?! You have no idea!
    Seiya: (not even fazed) Okay, what happens?
  • Saga's Bond One-Liner after defeating Worm Raimi is equal parts cool and hilarious:
    "Worms belong in the dirt."