Trivia: Saint Seiya

  • Box Office Bomb: Tenkai Hen: Overture. It was originally meant to be a trilogy that would even show the return of the Gold Saints. However, these plans were obviously canned due to its enormous cost and poor reception.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Many fans affectionately dub Shiryu as the "walking blood bank," for obvious reasons.
    • Seiya is known within the South American fandom as the "cockroach saint", since he is considered a plague who NOBODY can kill (even Chuck Norris!).
    • Shaka is constantly called Barbie or Ai Minako/Sailor V due to the characters' very similar looks.
    • And Camus... oh Camus, he gets way too many nicknames that are ice related. Some are cool and some are downright ridiculous. He's even known as 'penguin' for who knows why?!
    • Deathmask. His lack of a proper name has had fans coming up with various hypotheses. One of the most popular is Angelo. Carlo is another frequent choice.
    • Among Saltybet betters, Seiya is known as Yuri Di AAAAAAA because the MUGEN Seiya yelling Yuri and screaming at the top of his lungs often.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: The cast of Saint Seiya has so many famous names that they deserve their own folders.

    Seiyuus who do more than one character on Saint Seiya 

    Seiyuus from both Saint Seiya and Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas 

    Saint Gundam! 
Seiyuus who were both in Saint Seiya and a Gundam series.

    Saint Seiyans! 
Seiyuus who were in both Saint Seiya and the Dragon Ball series.

    Saint Sailors! 
Seiyuus who are manly enough to be on Saint Seiya and have enough femininity to play a Pretty Soldier.

    Saint Bizarre!