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Heartwarming: Saint Seiya
  • Almost any scene including Miho and Seiya is cute. Even if you don't ship them, it's sweet to see him drop his defenses in front of his old friend.
  • Also the Rousing Speech that Hyoga gives to the poisoned and injured Shiryu and Seiya in the Temple of Scorpio, to give them their spirits back after Shun's nearly Heroic Sacrifice.
  • The anime-only scene where Ikki thanks little Helen for her support and carries her home in his arms.
  • Speaking of Ikki, the chapter where we find out he's Back from the Dead includes a sweet scene where he wipes away Shun's Tender Tears and then is joined by all the other Saints as well as Saori, who are all crying happily.
  • Every single time that Seiya and Co. are able to defeat the villains (from the television series and the movies) by The Power of Friendship.
  • Many of the motivational speeches from this series (which usually are about Never giving up no matter what, The Power of Friendship or similar stuff) are quite heartwarming, disregard of the Large Ham.
  • In the Hades chapter, Ikki refuses to give Shun to pandora and stands up to her despite the fact that he can't be more than 6 years old at the time, doubles as a Moment Of Awesome.
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