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Adorkable: Live-Action Films

General examples:

  • It's an open challenge to find any comedy protagonists under age 25 who don't fit this archetype in The New Tens. Over 25, it's almost always "chunky guy who needs a shave," which fits into a much broader definition of Adorkable.

Concrete examples:

  • Kickass:
    • Chris D'Amico/Red Mist could be a villainous example, given his love of comic books, his slight lisp and the fact that he and Dave have a silly bonding moment jamming in Chris's car while on the way to a crime scene. Unfortunately, his lovable dorkiness disappears pretty quickly afterwards.
  • Charlie Chaplin's Dogged Nice Guy Tramp persona, known for his comical mugging, pratfalls and also woobie-ness, is Older than Television and may well have been the Ur Example: awkward yet charming to no end.
  • Harold Lloyd's Nerd Glasses-wearing characters:
    • In The Freshman, he plays a cluelessly uncool yet ultimately charming college newbie.
    • In Girl Shy, he visibly stutters in the presence of a pretty woman.
  • Clerks II has Elias, a Lord of the Rings and Transformers-obsessed Jesus freak who's afraid to have sex with his (possibly imaginary) girlfriend because he thinks she has a penis-eating troll that lives in her lady parts.
  • Abe Sapien was always the smart one of the group in Hellboy, but it wasn't until the sequel he became full-on adorkable. It might have something to do with gaining his first love interest (any time he interacts with her is stuffed full of awkward), but even before that he can be seen geeking out over some rare Victorian goggles. Fangirls are split somewhat between this portrayal and the more traditionally Badass character in the comics.
  • Thor:
    • Jane's usually a level-headed girl, but anytime Thor turns on the charm, she turns to a giggling school girl. Being played by Natalie Portman certainly didn't hurt.
    • Thor himself applies when he's on Earth. Despite being completely ignorant to how the mortal world works, he is a polite and chivalrous gentleman towards women, Jane in particular, even before his redemption. He even kisses Jane's hand and bows in farewell to Darcy and Erik for their help.
    • The Warriors Three and Sif demonstrated adorkability tapping on the glass window with huge grins when they found Thor.
  • Bill Pullman as Dr. James Harvey in Casper. Seriously, the guy wears glasses, multiple nerdy sweaters and makes several attempts to be a stern father towards Kat - all of which fail.
  • X-Men:
    • In X2: X-Men United, Nightcrawler loves to give (often interrupted) long-winded introduction speeches, playfully spies on secret meetings, and awkwardly flirts with Storm.
    • X-Men: First Class:

      Charles Xavier was a cute geek in his childhood, as demonstrated by the framed pictures of his favourite scientists next to his bed. As an adult, he uses his nerdy knowledge to woo girls at bars.

      Hank McCoy. Soft spoken, stutters, asks Raven out on the pretext of getting a blood sample and then apologizes for being forward.

  • Griff The Invisible is probably the shyest, meekest, sweetest wannabe-superhero you will ever meet, and fulfils this trope to the point that you almost need a teddy bear while watching so you'll have something to huggle when he's sad. Also his love interest/self-appointed sidekick Melody, a klutzy but very sincere girl with no comprehension of social norms and a lot of strange psuedo-scientific theories. Watching them dash around playing superhero is cute to a possibly lethal degree.
  • James Spader as Dr. Daniel Jackson in Stargate. He looks cute and vulnerable, and he's a geeky and quirky linguist, specializing in ancient languages. And he wears round glasses and looks like John Lennon.
  • Captain America: The First Avenger: Even after becoming the peak of physical human perfection, Steve Rogers is still the earnest and kind-hearted man that he was prior to the Super-Soldier procedures.
  • Kishore Kumar from 70's Bollywood film Johnny Mera Naam, at least when he's singing "this oddly stalkerish song".
  • Samwise Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings, a sweet-natured gardener too shy to talk to the girl he likes (until the last film.)
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail:
    • Sir Galahad the Pure/Chaste. Zoot and other ladies from Castle Antrax find him irresistible. Unfortunately, they scare him off by being too advancing (they even ask him to spank them). When he seems like he might get into the mood, he's "saved" by one of his friends.
    • Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-As-Sir-Lancelot. How else do you explain that his favourite minstrels and his group still followed him, even though when he ran away from the danger instead of fighting?
  • Elliot from Bedazzled (2000) is adorkaable, at least at first. Although it's rather negative in that he has no friends and his co-workers actively avoid him because of it, this movie needs a diabetes warning.
  • The Avengers:
    • Mark Ruffalo as Dr. Bruce Banner. Quiet, nerdy, wears glasses, has rumpled hair, and a slightly nervous demeanor, as he's working for a company he doesn't exactly trust, with other super-powered people who won't get along, and he's trying his hardest to stay calm and not to let "The Big Guy" out. Also, he rides a tiny motorcycle at one point. And with the return of the previously mentioned Steve Rogers and Thor, the film is just FULL of adorkable-ness.
      Bruce: "I'm sorry. That was mean..."
    • Usually dry and deadpan SHIELD Agent Phil Coulson turns out to be quite adorkable too, particularly as an Ascended Fanboy. For example, he tells Captain America, "I watched you while you were sleeping," before realizing how creepy that sounds.
  • Iron Man: Tony Stark. While he's a snarker and showboater in public, his adorkableness is on full throttle when he's around the few close people he has, teasing them and giving them nicknames. (Like Rhodey.)
  • R in Warm Bodies. He has a bit of trouble communicating with his love interest, being a shambling corpse and all.
  • Bo Baker from from High Stakes is Mr. Imagination, The Pollyanna and Cute Clumsy Boy.
  • Ben Whishaw's Q from Skyfall. Glasses? Check. Sweater? Check. Computer whiz? Check. Nerdy? Check. Check. Check.
  • Star Trek:
    • Chekov, the ship's seventeen-year-old Russian whiz-kid who speaks with a funny accent, gets over-excited and runs in the most adorkable way possible. Taken Up to Eleven in the sequel, in which he gains super adorkable goggles.
      "I ken do zat!"
    • Spock definitely has his moments, especially when he's around his girlfriend, Uhura. Helps that he doesn't seem to comprehend human sense of humour.
      Uhura: Are you sure you don't want me to go instead?
      Spock: That would be highly illogical as I am already outfitted-
      Uhura Spock, I was kidding.
      Spock: Uh... [looks adorkably confused as Uhura kisses his helmet]
  • Detective Alma Dray from Now You See Me when it comes to magic. She looks delighted after pulling off a card trick and claps enthusiastically during the Horsemen's show.
  • Elaine May's character in A New Leaf. Not only is she socially awkward, but she also forgets to take price tags off her clothes; spills multiple cups of tea in one sitting; has to be vacuumed after she eats; doesn't know how to put on a nightgown ("You've got your head in the arm hole") ... and she's a botanist.
  • Martin Freeman plays Bilbo Baggins as this in The Hobbit. He was also pretty adorkable in the original novel, what with his fondness for flowers, maps, and calligraphy and a Cowardly Lion personality that manages to combine bumbling with Guile Hero cleverness, but the films take it Up to Eleven. He faints at Bofur's description of death by dragonfire, mutters nervously to himself a lot, is very nervous about (and mildly allergic to) horses, and he's a Motor Mouth with a tendency to stutter and funny physical mannerisms.
  • The hero of Bringing Up Baby is a young, handsome, yet nerdy and somewhat ditzy scientists — an irresistible combination for the female lead.

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